BC2.0 Ethereum Applied Technology Exchange 03 (no currency speculation, no pyramid selling)
Published: 2019-05-27

I have been busy with my work recently and haven't written for several days.There is still a need to follow up, and there will be no progress without a summary.

The Wealth of Others Yol

Ethereum ICO (July-August 2014), 1 bitcoin can be exchanged for 1337 ETH.Bitcoin cost about 3,800 yuan at that time, so you can calculate that a ETH was less than 3 yuan at that time.Now the price of a ETH once exceeded 5,000 yuan, that is to say, in a few years, it has achieved an increase of more than 2,000 times. The return is certainly quite good.Therefore, most of the people who invested in ETH have already obtained the freedom of wealth.

Why is Ethereum System More Flexible and Intelligent

Bitcoin's value is almost impossible to be tampered with because the system that generated it is safer and more suitable for recording information than the common existing Internet system. In Bitcoin system, the data calculated by all mining machines can be recorded in their own accounts very safely and distributed to any node in the network and recorded in the blocks at the same time.
But bitcoin networks can only send bitcoins and cannot do anything else.The people mentioned last time who wanted to make a fortune updated the system.

  • 1. Join Smart contract

Smart contract put it bluntly is a piece of code, which is satisfied with the slightly dull boring network, add the desired functions.
And Smart contract has Turing completeness. What is Turing completeness?Let's look at Wikipedia first:
Turing means that in computability theory, a programming language or any other logic system such as has the computing power for Universal Turing Machine.In other words, the system can simulate each other with Universal Turing Machine.The word comes from mathematician AlanTuring who introduced the concept of Turing.
Although Turing opportunities are physically limited by storage capabilities, Turing completeness usually refers to a general-purpose physical machine or programming language with unlimited storage capabilities.In short, all computable problems can be computed. Such virtual machines or programming languages are called Turing completeness's.
This thing looks too boring and professional. We are also the most taboo to use professional words to explain professional terms.

In my opinion, Turing completeness, you can control the system to do things for you by writing code in the current system. Of course, what you do is also something the system can bear. If it cannot be realized by itself, it is useless to write code again.

  • 2, with the help of Ethereum to issue their own currency and even financing

Bitcoin is just a single currency.In the Ethereum system, we can create our own currency, and we can issue our own virtual currency. We can even find a big Internet celebrity player to fool melon-eating masses into buying our own virtual currency to finance.
If a company makes an initial public offering on the Ethereum platform, it needs to buy its own company's currency in Thai currency first.

So, in 2018, a lot of hot money was invested in virtual currency, hoping to realize their dream of making money by means of this set of unfamiliar but novel species.Let's talk about it here. I don't know if you've ever paid attention to a piece of audio that broke out in Li Xiaolai. Who is Li Xiaolai that can use Baidu? Simply put, he made his fortune by buying bitcoin. He has strong logical thinking ability and deception ability.I have published books before and made friends with time. I have fooled many people who want to start a business and improve themselves in an instant, winning tens of millions of Fans.In addition, when the app was first launched, Luo Zhenyu found him and asked him to help hold up the sky. He fired the first shot to get the app, which was indeed a success.Therefore, this person can be regarded as a strange person both in the currency circle and in the paid sermon. The reason why he is strange rather than able is that I really don't see what he can do other than fool.
Many companies urgently recruit programmers and architects to study the Ethereum framework, private blockchain, the public chain and how to issue their wallets and currencies.This is only a technical level. In addition, in ICO, many experts from Marketing Guru and finance were invited to assist the company to enter the blockchain Exchange. Now it is really not easy to enter the Exchange. At least 30 million yuan of margin is required for backing.