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What kind of mentality should we face the work with? 2019-04-11
When I want to write something about mentality, some people may say that it is too melodramatic.Maybe, but I feel that everyone should be able to complete the tasks in the work well when they keep a calm heart. Of course, there are too many industry characteristics in IT, which determines how to think with ordinary people's eyes. For example, you have been very busy recently. Perhaps some people are very excited because they can finally get to know and learn new things.

[Humorous Stories and Great Principles] 20 inspirational humorous stories and great principles 2019-04-11
inspirational humor story 1: old people and black childrenOne day, several white children were playing in the park inside.At this time, an old man selling Hydrogen Balloon pushed his truck into the park.White children rushed up, each bought a balloon and ran away happily chasing the released balloon.After the figure of the white child disappeared, a Little Brown Boy timidly walked to the old man's truck and asked in a slightly pleading tone, "

mentality collapsed, never naked resignation! 2019-04-11
"naked resignation" means that we have not found a good place to go and have no retreat.Have you ever experienced naked resignation?After experiencing naked resignation, if you were given another chance, would you still choose naked resignation?In the super topic # Unemployed Homes and Tree Holes # opened by Nasdaq:JOBS Weibo @, many netizens with "naked resignation" experience expressed their "naked resignation" experience and their views on "naked resignation"

HTTP Basic Principle 2019-04-10
Users access World Wide Web documents, links between World Wide Web documents, and data in World Wide Web documents are transmitted to users' computers. The implementation of these functions is completed by Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).HTTP is an application layer protocol, which uses TCP connection for reliable transmission and can exchange text, sound, image, video and other information on the World Wide Web.   HTTP protocol also works in client/server mode and is divided into two parts: HTTP client and HTTP server.

HTTP Principle Brief Introduction 2019-04-10
HTTP Protocol-Hypertext Transfer ProtocolThe protocol is applied between the browser and the server.The HTTP protocol is an application layer protocol.The method of data transmission between browser and server and the definition of data content are specified.Wait for the rules.However, the HTTP protocol requires that it must be based on a reliable transmission protocolThe transmission protocol we often use is TCP protocol. HTTP protocol specifies the interaction rules between the client (browser) and the server:The client is required to initiate a Request, and the server receives the request and processes it.

HTTP Protocol and web Working Principle 2019-04-10
Reprinted from: To learn knowledge well, you need to understand its related peripheral knowledge comprehensively. HTTP protocol is the core of web learning!!!Learning Dongdong should not only learn configuration but also principle: what's the use of learning only framework? You should write your own framework!! web learning is directly related to J2EE learning1. HTTP hypertext transfer protocol human beings have developed so fast because they have their own languages.

Http principle 2019-04-10
September 19, 2016Http principle learning Three Cornerstones of Internet Http Hypertext Transfer Protocol Two Parts of HTTP Protocol header information, request header, response headerI. Three Cornerstones of the Internet1.url: Responsible for locating resources2.http: rules responsible for transmitting resources3.html: responsible for displaying resources 2. Http Hypertext Transfer ProtocolHttp hypertext transfer protocol is a sub-protocol cluster belonging to tcp/ip protocol, so http is a secure connection method.1.http protocol is a one-way protocol.

JSONP with Padding Principle and Implementation 2019-04-10
Two Ways of Cross-Domain Implementation 1. via src = ""After the callback succeeds, the callbackHandler method is implemented on the browser side, and the return value is in the callbackHandler parameter.Annotation: In this case, all SRCs can be cross-domain.For example, the picture src, etc.The specific implementation is to dynamically insert the content into DOM.2. ajax parameters through jQuery {datatype: JSON with Padding, JSON with Padding: callback, success: function () {}}After the callback succeeds, the return value is in the success parameterAfter jQuery1.

Java Learning Notes-Five Methods of Multithreading Synchronization 2019-04-10
1. Introduction I was interviewed a few days ago and was abused by the master. A lot of basic knowledge must be picked up again.Without much gossip, get down to business. 2, why do you want to thread synchronization Because when we have multiple threads to access a variable or an object at the same time, if there are both read and write operations in these threads, the state of

NEON Instruction Set Overview 2019-04-10
NEON is a data parallel technology supported by ARM Cortex A series processors, similar to SSE/AVX: an instruction operates multiple data simultaneously in an instruction-level SIMD manner, and the number of data to be operated is determined by the length of the vector register and the data type.NEON SIMD registers are 128 bits in length. If 32-bit floating point numbers are operated, 4 can be operated at the same time.