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Learning java is better! 2019-04-11
1. haste makes waste. beginners should not be confused by new technologies. first, they should have a solid foundation.JAVA private school's basic introductory teaching materials are completely written by the teachers themselves, accompanied by video explanations, which can be obtained free of charge. It is not how much knowledge and api it says. It only says more "basic knowledge." 2. We should study solidly and step by step, not thinking about How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

Mentality Determines Choice, Choice Determines Life! 2019-04-11
心态决定选择,选择决定人生! 你有怎样的心态,你就有怎样的人生!people have no ambition all their lives, often because they have too few friends.If your life is not good, the only way to change your fate is to "find people with good lives and

Observer pattern 2019-04-11
利用观察者模式建立的事件监听系统,主要步骤是EventObject 是所有事件的根类EventListener 是所有监听器接口的根接口Java

Penetrating Firewall Technology 2019-04-11
Recently, I have read several papers on penetrating Firewall technology, and found that two of them are worth learning. One is about p2 technology, and the other is based on backward chaining HTTP tunnel and DNS sharing penetrating Firewall technology. I am not very familiar with P2 technology. Let's go through Firewall technology in the last three sections of the main section.Computer, Technology, IT, Learning, Communication, Network Security, QQ, Hardware, Software, Programming, Tutorial, Building Station 0q, U6 Z- {- ^& K5 m& ?

Some inspirational life stories 2019-04-11
1. A went to buy cigarettes, cigarettes and 29 yuan, but he didn't have any matches. He said to the clerk, "Send a box of matches by the way."The clerk didn't give it.B went to buy cigarettes and cigarettes. 29 yuan, who also had no matches, said to the clerk, "It's a dime cheaper."Finally, he bought a box of matches with this wool.This is the simplest psychological marginal effect.

Success = Correct Method+Hard Work+Less Empty Talk-Learning Way+Deliberate Practice+Practice Mentality 2019-04-11
A young man who loves empty talk but does not study hard, asks scientist Einstein to disclose the secret of success.Einstein wrote a formula: "A=X+Y+Z".The young man was confused: "I haven't learned this formula yet.Excuse me, this is What Do You Mean?. "Einstein said: "A stands for success, X stands for correct methods, Y stands for hard work, Z stands for less empty talk!"Einstein said.The three books in beautiful poem's Psychological Learning Book Collection discuss exactly the three addenda to the right of the middle number in Einstein's formula.

Teacher Heping Kun-Creating a Sunny Mentality in the Workplace 2019-04-11
Create a Sunshine Mentality in Workplace   course background: "The worker's heart, the enterprise's root", the enterprise is not only a big family, but also a production and management unit.Employees are not only the subject and object of enterprise production and operation, but also the creator of enterprise profits and the gainer of enterprise profits.The sense of belonging is not only the internal motivation to enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, stimulate the enthusiasm of the employees, mobilize the enthusiasm of the employees and give full play to the creativity of the employees, but also one of the important motivation to maximize the profits of the enterprise, realize the Enterprise Policy goal and promote the good and fast performance of the enterprise.

The minimum requirement of technicians is that they should not rest on their laurels and always accept new technologies with an open mind. 2019-04-11
Talk about why I want to learn ruby on rail Interesting phenomenon I remember when JavaEye was not established in the past, when Hibernate was promoted in the technology community (it is not promotion either, but just exchange Hibernate with others), a large number of people jumped out and said, you learn this framework today and that framework tomorrow, all follow the trend, these frameworks are floating clouds, the real basic knowledge of JDBC is strength, I use JDBC, I use it very well all the time, I have no need to learn Hibernate .

VC++Implementation of Packet Filtering (Firewall Principle) 2019-04-11
#include "stdafx.h"#include "xpktfilter.h"#include "xpktfilterDlg.h"#include "./xpktfilterdlg.h" #ifdef _DEBUG#define new DEBUG_NEW#endif#pragma comment(lib,"iphlpapi.lib") // CxpktfilterDlg Dialog Box CxpktfilterDlg::CxpktfilterDlg(CWnd* pParent /*=NULL*/): CDialog(CxpktfilterDlg::IDD, pParent)bracketm_hIcon = AfxGetApp()->LoadIcon(IDR_MAINFRAME);bracket void CxpktfilterDlg::DoDataExchange(CDataExchange* pDX)bracketCDialog::DoDataExchange(pDX);bracket BEGIN_MESSAGE_MAP(CxpktfilterDlg, CDialog)ON_WM_PAINT()ON_WM_QUERYDRAGICON()//}}AFX_MSG_MAPON_BN_CLICKED(IDOK, OnBnClickedOk)ON_BN_CLICKED(IDC_BUTTON1, OnBnClickedButton1)END_MESSAGE_MAP() // CxpktfilterDlg Message Handler BOOL CxpktfilterDlg::OnInitDialog()bracketCDialog::OnInitDialog(); //Set the icon for this dialog box.When the application main window is not a dialog box, the frame will automatically//Perform this operationSetIcon(m_hIcon, TRUE);//Set large iconSetIcon(m_hIcon, FALSE);//Set small icon

What is Programmer's Correct workplace mindset? 2019-04-11
(This article is part of the latest chapter 7 of Programmer's Parchment. Download address: or's Programmer's Parchment Chapter 7-Programmer workplace mindset doc Welcome to buy the author's signature printing plate, address:   I have been asked countless times: "What is the most important thing for programmers in inside?Language ability?Communication skills?Management capability? "My answer is: "It is most important to maintain a good state of mind.A good attitude can make us go further and happier!