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(Mentality) Empty Cup Mentality, Self-cultivation of a Programmer 2019-04-11
originally planned to go home for a quiet holiday during the dragon boat festival and reflect on the gains and losses of the past six months. however, due to his own mistakes, he missed the high-speed train back home. in addition, he has been bullied recently. he woke up in a lethargy this afternoon and only had "empty cup mentality" in his mind. Jackson and I Dreaming back to ancient times, I was a man with deep Buddhist attainments.

(mentality collapsed, specially found an article) ACM competition how to correctly start, how the team members division of labor, how to adjust the state to the best? 2019-04-11
Right Start: Three people read the topic separately. Remember to tell your teammates every time you start reading a new topic and mark it so as not to repeat reading and waste resources. Opening does not require a team member to adjust IDE, open PC^2, write header files and even some common templates. Remember to open BOARD, refresh it regularly, and be ready to follow suit at any time. Status in Competition: A team passed the X question: the question that was passed (usually the AC question was water soon, but there were also unexpected situations) was handed over to the player who played the most stable role in the team to read and try Coding.

15 Mentality Required to Enter the Workplace 2019-04-11

A Programmer's Attitude 2019-04-11
Programmers are a sacred profession. First of all, they must endure loneliness, adjust bugs, write programs, and think about life. When I chose my major after the college entrance examination, I was very confused. What major should I choose and what school should I go to now?Hesitated and hesitated, hey, the admission notice came down, it was a computer institute.In this way, I entered a new major, computer technology and science.

English Learning-Learning English Mentality (2) 2019-04-11
Introducer After the last blog, I have made a new summary of my previous English study: "In English study, I have been hard-working and can only comfort myself for a long time of study." I still remember that during that time I memorized words, practiced listening to real questions, and painted real questions with my colleagues in the university. Now it seems that I really had a drive to practice foolishly at that time.

Feeling the Mentality of Learning Programming Easily 2019-04-11
These days I am quite impetuous and do not want to move. I feel that I should think back and look up at the road.The latest insights: learning programming is not a big deal, the important thing is to learn easily.Anyone can learn programming, and there is no requirement that they must graduate from computer science.So learning programming is not a big deal, but how to learn it easily.

Firewall Technology Based on LINUX Operating System and Its Implementation 2019-04-11
[Abstract] This paper introduces the common Firewall rule configuration software Ipchains; under LINUX.This paper describes the three functions of LINUX Firewall from the perspective of implementation principle, configuration method and functional characteristics.An example of LINUX Firewall is given as a reference.  [Keywords ]LINUX Firewall, ipchains , Packet Filtering, Proxy, IP Masquerade  1 Preface Firewall, as an important component of network security measures, has always received widespread attention.LINUX is a new operating system in recent years.

How did negative mental attitude come into being 2019-04-11

How to Use Parameters to Assess the Performance of Gigabit Switches 2019-04-11
at present, there are many kinds of gigabit switches that support gigabit Ethernet technology in the market & search type = keyword target = _ blank > switch products and many manufacturers. how to select suitable equipment among these various devices is a difficult problem that requires careful consideration, time-consuming understanding and difficult balancing. Therefore, in general, we should pay attention to the following aspects when evaluating and selecting equipment: product type;Gigabit port density and types supported by the product;The performance of the product;What is the after-sales service of the product?

It's great to keep a beginner's mind. 2019-04-11
I am a student who has just graduated from university. After graduation, I found a very good job. With the salary envied by my classmates around me, I am also glad that I do have some strength. Therefore, I should think that I can enter such a large enterprise now. In a few years, I will definitely become better, both technically and administratively, but in fact it is not as simple as I thought.