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Understanding Matrix (2) 2019-04-10
Then understand the matrix. In the last article, inside said, "Matrix is a description of motion". So far, it seems that everyone has no opinion.However, I believe that some netizens from the math department will make the decision sooner or later.Because of the concept of motion, inside is associated with calculus in mathematics and physics.When we study calculus, someone will always tell you according to the book that elementary mathematics is mathematics that studies constants, static mathematics, higher mathematics is mathematics that studies variables, and mathematics that studies motion.

Understanding Matrix 1 2019-04-10
Not long ago chensh wanted to act as a teacher and teach others linear algebra for ulterior purposes.Therefore, I was seized and discussed with him several times on some issues of falsity in linear algebra.Obviously, chensh felt that it was still relatively difficult for him not to be considered insane by that strong student when he was speaking linear algebra. Poor chensh, who let you go to this minefield?!Color makes one faint!

Understanding Matrix and Its Practical Significance 2019-04-10
Understand Matrix and the Practical Significance Behind Matrix  Because I want to have a deeper understanding of artificial intelligence algorithms, I have made a special study of matrix, a symbolic transaction in linear algebra that made me turn pale when I was in college. Compared with common mathematical knowledge, matrix, this mathematical concept really puzzles me. ------------------------------------------------------------- linear algebra course, whether you start with determinant or directly from matrix, is full of puzzling from the beginning.

ASM and cglib 2019-04-09
ASMWe know that Java is a static language, while python and ruby are dynamic languages. Once Java programs are written well, it is difficult to change the behavior of classes at runtime, while python and ruby can.However, based on bytecode, we can do something to make Java programs more flexible and Magic. ASM is such a widely used open source library.ASM is a Java bytecode manipulation framework. It can be used to dynamically generate stub classes or other proxy classes,directly in binary form, or to dynamically modify classes at load time, i.

C Language Pointer Parameter Trap 2019-04-09
I am a sophomore who has just started to learn data structure. Recently, when learning linked lists, there are some minor problems. The following is a detailed analysis of this problem. Although it is a very simple and ridiculous minor problem, it is also worth exploring. #include<stdio.h>#include<stdlib.h>/* A structure is constructed here to represent a node of the linked list */typedef struct ysf{int no,psw;struct ysf *next;}YSF,PYSF;

C Trap and Defect Learning Notes 2019-04-09
Introduction to this book Based on a paper he published in Bell Laboratory in 1985, the author combined with his own working experience to expand this classic work which is valuable to C programmers.The starting point of writing this book is not to criticize the C language, but to help C programmers to bypass the pitfalls and obstacles in the programming process.The book is divided into eight chapters, which analyze

CGLIB 2019-04-09
1, CGLIB official website: CGLIB is a powerful and high-performance code generation package.It is used by many AOP frameworks (such as Spring AOP) to provide them with method interception. Hibernate also uses CGLIB to proxy single-ended (many-to-one and one-to-one) associations.EasyMock tests packages of java code by using mock objects. They all use CGLIB to create moke objects for classes that do not have interfaces.The bottom layer of CGLIB package

CGLib Introduction and Principle 2019-04-09
CGLIB Introduction and Principle 1. What is CGLIB? CGLIB is a powerful and high-performance code generation package.It provides proxies for classes that do not implement interfaces and a good supplement for JDK's dynamic proxies.You can usually use Java's dynamic proxy to create a proxy, but CGLIB is a good choice when the class you want to proxy does not implement an interface or for better performance. 2, CGLIB principle CGLIB

Python One Line Command/Script Upgrade All Installed Third Party Packages 2019-04-09
Python-Upgrade all installed third-party packages

Python&amp;#x27;s Weird Trap 2019-04-09
Programmers, especially those who have studied C language and used C for a long time, will feel that python, like matlab, has no connotation and is easy.At first, I thought so too. It was slowly. I felt more and more that life was too short. My idea of using python was actually wrong.Python is easy to do some small-scale production, but there are still many things to consider in order