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on the connection and difference between B/S and C/S 2019-05-20
C/S is the abbreviation of client/Server.The server usually adopts a high-performance PC, workstation or minicomputer, and adopts a large database system, such as Oracle, Sybase, InFORMix or SQLServer.The client needs to install special client software. B/S is the abbreviation of Brower/Server. Only one Browser (such as Netscape Navigator or Internet Exploer) is installed on the client. The server installs databases such as Oracle, Sybase, InFORMix or SQL Server.

the difference between Java and C 2019-05-20
Java and C++ are both object-oriented languages.In other words, they can all realize the object-oriented thought.What is the difference between the two?Now let's analyze it. Because c++ is compatible with C in order to take care of a large number of C language users, it has only become a C language with classes, which more or less affects its object-oriented thoroughness!JAVA is a completely object-oriented language with clearer syntax, smaller scale and easier learning.

Android Gradle Tips 4.1 Write Your Own Custom Task 2019-05-17
4.1编写您自己的自定义任务 问题 你想用你自己的任务来定制Gradle构建过程。 解 将任务元素添加到Gradle构建文件。使用Android插件

ElasticSearch+Canal to Set up Search System (in Process) 2019-05-17
1. Canal Installation 1.Canal Download Address: 2. Zookeeper Cluster Installation is mainly zoo.cfg to modify the following configuration, from sample assignment to modify the configuration;As well as the creation of data,dataLog directory;Create a myid file under the data folder and specify the id value of server 1 or 2, etc. dataDir=/home/centos/es/zookeeper-3.4.11_1/data dataLogDir=/home/centos/es/zookeeper-3.4.11_1/dataLog clientPort=2181 server.1= server.2= server.3= #server.A=B:C:D 其中A是一个数字,代表这

Gradle Learning (1) 2019-05-17
"Android Qunying Biography" reading notes Related Websites AndroidStudio Google Docs Gradle User Manual official website 1. Common Commands 1. task View task under Project gradle task View the specific function of each task and the calling relationship between each task gradle task --all 2. assemble task assemblytask is used to combine all the output of the project. it contains two Task: assembleDebug and assembleRelease.By executing the Gradle assemble instruction, gradle

Gradle Rapid Construction (1) Advanced Construction Configuration of AS Project 2019-05-17
When building Android Studio projects with Gradle, there will be a basic configuration by default. On this basis, we will aggregate variables together, which is both clear and concise. 1. Configure the source code compilation path AS we all know, AS will have a default source code compilation path. For example, java's reference to the. so library is under main/jniLibs. Modify its reference address as follows: Configure Resource Directory Learn

MaxWell Installation Deployment 2019-05-17
Before we begin, we still need to look at Maxwell's official website to have a simple understanding of Maxwell. Maxwell parses binlog through canal and sends it to Apache Kafka. Then we process the binlog log through our own business logic and it is OK.When I used it before, the company wanted to synchronize the data of the business library to the HBase in real time, and then realized some real-time query services.

Otto Source Code Analysis 2019-05-17
constructor 使用Otto通常是通过一个Provider提供一个Bus单例。 首先我们来分析一下Bus的构造函数,Bus类的构造函数最终都会调用Bus(T

android Building Tools: Ant and Gradle 2019-05-17
Currently, the JVM ecosystem is dominated by three building tools:Apache Ant with IvyMavenGradel Ant with IvyAnt is the first "modern" building tool, and in many ways it is somewhat like Make.Released in 2000, it became the most popular building tool for Java projects in a short time.Its learning curve is very slow, so it can be started without any special preparation.It is based on idea of Procedural programming.After the initial version, it gradually has the function of supporting plug-ins.

canal Cluster Deployment and java Access 2019-05-17
Canal application The document is generally divided into 5 parts 1. Application scenario; 2. How to deploy the environment; 3. How to use the application end; 4. Treading pit; 5. Stability and real-time performance;  application scenario: canal's principle is to listen to binlog; disguised as a slave of rds;So canal can be used in: 1. Data synchronization, such as data synchronization between/offline databases; 2. Data consumption, for example: search increment should be made according to the changes of the concerned database tables;