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Section 10-Support Vector Machine (SVM) Algorithm Code 2019-04-20
1 small example of svm implemented by sklearn from sklearn import svm X = [[2,0],[1,1],[2,3]] y = [0,0,1] clf = svm.SVC(kernel = "linear"),y) print(clf) print(clf.support_vectors_) print(clf.support_) print(clf.n_support_) 2 Draw Decision Boundaries with sklearn import numpy as np import pylab as pl from sklearn import svm np.random.seed(0) X = np.r_[np.random.randn(20,2) - [2,2],np.random.randn(20,2) + [2,2]] Y = [0] * 20 + [1] * 20 clf = svm.SVC(kernel = "linear"),Y) w = clf.

Select Sort (Pseudo Code Algorithm, c++, and python Implementation) 2019-04-20
pseudocode is still written on notepad++. SelectSort (input ele[],input length) for i <- 1 to length step 1 min <- i for j <- i+1 to length step 1 if ele[j] < ele[min] min <- j end if swap(ele[j],ele[min]) end c++ version, vs2010. void selectsort(int a[],int length) { int i,j; for (i= 0;i < length;i++) { int min = i; for (j = i + 1; j < length; j++)

Vim+latex+latex-live-preview underUbuntu 2019-04-20
When writing latex under windows, I found vim was really a good tool, so when switching to linux, I also wanted to integrate this set of tools. I actually use linux-mint, but it is based on Ubuntu, so I think it is similar. Main Steps:1. install vim, preferably vim supported by python. I will use apt-get to install it directly sudo apt-get install vim sudo apt-get install vim-gtkThis vim-gtk is vim with interface, namely gvim, which supports LATE-VIM-SUITE better.

What is sys.argv? 2019-04-20
by: 7sDream Link: Source: Zhihu The copyright belongs to the author.For commercial reprints, please contact the author for authorization. For non-commercial reprints, please indicate the source. sys is a " standard library" of Python, that is, the official " module", which is the abbreviation of " System". it encapsulates the information and interfaces of some systems. for official documents, please stamp: 27.1. sys-system-specific parameters and functions. for Chinese version, please refer to: [python] sys module

What is the difference between business_editions and consumer_editions in Windows 10? 2019-04-20
What is the difference between business_editions and consumer_editions in Windows 10? [ Answer 1 ] Both have built-in professional versions, with the difference that: consumer_editions versions include: Home;Education;Professional; business_editions includes: Education;Enterprise (Enterprise Edition);Professional; [ Answer 2 ] Windows 10 (Business Editions) VL version ISO image includes the following versions (select installation as required): Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition, Education Edition, Professional Workstation Edition, and Professional Education Edition The retail version of Windows 10 (Consumer Editions) ISO image includes the following versions (installed as required): Home, Professional, Education, Home Single Language, Professional Workstation, and Professional Education

What is your color value?-face scoring model based on tensorflow 2019-04-20
Preface Use neural network to evaluate the color value and score faces based on CNN.This project was published on GitHub a week ago. After that, I used the new public data set (the original project data set was not published), reset the network structure, and finally ran out of the model. I can get the code and trained model by accessing GitHub: HTTPS:// Project Introduction Data Acquisition preprocessing Network Design training model output

[ DL Notes ] VGG Network Details and Code Implementation 2019-04-20
Preface VGG network is proposed in the paper VERY DEEP CONVOLUTION NETWORK FOR LARGE-SCALE IMAGE RECOGNITION. The translation of this paper is detailed in this paper. This paper introduces VGG network and implements VGG-D code. VGG network structural features code implementation

convert video files into pictures-read and write images in batches 2019-04-20
1, AVItoImage implementation In image processing, it is often necessary to convert video files into image file formats so that we can analyze images frame by frame and obtain useful information we need. The following programs realize the above functions, VC6.0 platform, and opencv1.0 library. #include "cv.h" #include "highgui.h" #include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> #include <iostream> using namespace std; char image_name[

pythonsysargv function 2019-04-20
sysargv is used to receive command line parameters, and a list is returned. usually, python -h xxx -l xxx is required for running. py files. then sysargv obtains sysargv[0], sysargv[1], sysargv [ 2 ], where the value of sysargv [ 0 ] is "", the value of sysargv [ 1 ] is " -h xxx", and so on. sysargv[1:] is actually a slicing operation, which means that the values after sysargv[1] are taken to form a new list.

residual network-ResNet V2 2019-04-20
Speaking ResNet is also the pride of our Chinese. It was proposed by 4 Chinese.He won the championship in ILSVRC 2015. words not much said, let's talk about my understanding, ResNet is very similar to Highway Network, which allows the original input information to be directly transmitted to the following layers.In the traditional neural network, there will be the problem of Degradation. As the accuracy rate rises to saturation, increasing