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Label Weight 2019-04-22
1. The tag has a weight of 1, the class selector has a weight of 10, and the ID selector has a weight of up to 100. p{color:red;} /*权值为1*/ p span{color:green;} /*权值为1+1=2*/ p span.warning{color:purple;} /*权值为1+1+10=12*/ #footer .note

Normalized Cross-Correlation Matching Algorithm in Image Registration 2019-04-22
Original Address: After Harris operator is used to extract corner points from the images, the number of corner points obtained from the two images may not be equal. At this time, they must be processed first to obtain one-to-one corresponding corner point pairs.  Normalized Cross Correlation Method (NCC) matching algorithm is a classical statistical matching algorithm. The matching degree is determined by calculating the cross correlation value of template image and matching image.

Normalized Image 2019-04-22
Normalized images are often encountered during sample training. Positive and negative samples need to be normalized to a uniform size before training so as to improve efficiency during training.The following is the normalized code: #include "cv.h" #include "highgui.h" #include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> #include <iostream> using namespace std; #define NUM 837 int main() { char filename[100];//

Python Learning Record-Common IO Operations and Replacing Batch Commands 2019-04-22
Catalogue of Recorded Contents: 1.杂言杂语 2.python代替shell/cmd中常用的操作 a.路径操作 b.文件夹操作 c.文件操作 d.其它一些常用的指令 miscellaneous language 在上一

Secretly Write a python Batch Task 2019-04-22

Use of join Method in Python Thread 2019-04-22
1. Role: Inserting the child thread into the main thread can be understood as moving the child thread's code move the main thread at the join call until the inserted code runs to an end, and the main thread then continues the code running below. 2. Trigger condition: manual call or automatic call when the main thread is about to exit 3. Parameter Description: The join method can pass in

What do sys.argv[1] and sys.argv[0] of Python stepping pits represent respectively 2019-04-22
1. When I wanted to execute the script, I passed in the parameters. Using sys module, I can read the parameters in. The first thing I used was sys.argv[0] import sys alu_path = sys.argv[0] every read is install _ app _ v1.0 _ 2, script execution command python 传进来的参数 3, modified to sys.argv[1] to solve the problem, the original sys.argv[0] is the module

[ python ] the approximate use of sys.argc 2019-04-22
When writing udp with C before, I saw the boss add a line of this, argc!= 5, to determine the number of parameters just want to try Python's sys.argv Tests in Ubuntu 16.04+Python 2.7 #!/usr/bin/python import sys a=sys.argv[0] print(a) a=sys.argv[1] print a a_lens = len(sys.argv) print a_lens Input is: ./ 1 2 3 The output is ./ 1 4 To prevent the number 1 from possibly affecting the result

image preprocessing: de-averaging, normalization, PCA, whitening 2019-04-22
Why is image preprocessing necessary?Probably to (1) Make the original image conform to certain established rules for subsequent processing. (2) Remove the factors that affect the precision and accuracy of subsequent processing in the image, such as noise, etc. (3) Carry out the processing before the formal processing, reduce the subsequent calculation amount, accelerate the convergence (see the influence of image data preprocessing on the convergence speed in this blog post for why the convergence speed is increased) and improve the reliability of the subsequent steps.

native ajax POST requests 2019-04-22
Don't say much, look at the code var data = {//这种格式是需要转成jsonstring的 action:action, diyid:diyid, do : _do, dede_fields:dede_fields, dede_fieldshash:dede_fieldshash, city:escape(city), area:area, model:escape(room+sitting+bathroom+kitchen+balcony), phone:phone } var data = 'action='+action+'&do='+_do+'&dede_fields='+dede_fields+'&dede_fieldshash='+dede_fieldshash+'&city='+city+'&area='+area+'&diyid='+diyid+'&model='+room+sitting+bathroom+kitchen+balcony+'&phone='+phone; var XHR=null; if (window.XMLHttpRequest) { // 非IE内核 XHR = new XMLHttpRequest(); } else if (window.ActiveXObject) { //