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scikit-learn learning 3.1. cross-validation: evaluating estimator performance 2019-04-27
Learning the parameters of the prediction function on one data set and testing on the same data set is a wrong method: because a model only repeats the labels of the samples that have just been trained, the result is very high in this case, but it is impossible to predict when encountering samples that have not been trained.This is called overfitting.In order to avoid over-fitting, a common practice is to keep some samples as test sets (X_test, y_test) when conducting a (supervised) machine learning experiment.

【Scikit-Learn Chinese Document] Cross Validation-Model Selection and Evaluation-User Guide | ApacheCN 2019-04-27
chinese document: http://sklearn.Apache _ validation.html english document: http://sklearn.Apache _ validation.html Official Document: github:, we have been working hard) Contributor: Contributor About Us: Note: This document is being translated...

Extend ThreadPoolExecutor to Realize Thread Pool Monitoring 2019-04-27
Abstract: Background In development, we often use Executors class to create thread pools to perform a large number of tasks, and use the concurrency characteristics of thread pools to improve system throughput.However, improper use of thread pool will also deplete server resources and lead to abnormal situations, such as too many blocked queue tasks in fixed thread pool and too many threads created in cache thread pool, resulting in problems

HTML [Getting Started] 2019-04-27
Data Source from Zhihu-"Whether it is effective is still unknown. First Book, Getting Started 《Head first HTML&CSS》The best introductory book.After reading it twice, I have a general impression of HTML & CSS.At this time, the w3cschool is collected as a reference manual.

Introduction to Open Source Data Mining Tool Orange 2019-04-27
original address: intro/# wat _ e _ 19338566-a664-48dd-adf4-325f96bcec42

Learn Java multithreading from me-Thread Pool Executor 2019-04-27
What is a Thread Pool In multi-threaded development, due to the large number of threads and the completion of each thread's execution for a period of time, it is necessary to create threads frequently. However, such frequent thread creation will greatly reduce the efficiency of the system, because it takes time to create threads frequently and destroy threads.In this case, people want a thread that does not need to be

Summary of Form Usage in HTML 2019-04-27
Summary of Form Usage in HTML 1. Standard Form Format:<form method="" action="" enctype="multipart/form-data" > <input type="text" name="username" /> <input type="password" name="pwd" /> </form > where the value of method can make get or post different is that when get requests, the data size cannot exceed 2k, and the requested content will appear on the address bar.When post requests, the request data cannot exceed 8M but can be increased by setting.

Understanding of Residual Structure 2019-04-27
First of all, let's think about why deep learning works well.I think the biggest reason is that it can easily implement a very high complexity model, while traditionally it is not very simple to achieve high complexity.Traditional methods: Feature Transformation (in fact, the means are limited, because there are few kinds of practical stone functions) Non-linear model, some models represented by decision tree, adaboost, gbdt, rf, etc. These models always have some limitations if they want to increase the complexity, while deep learning does not have this problem.

Use the ThreadPoolExecutor class to create a thread pool 2019-04-27
1. Advantages of this method: can acquire various states of threads in the thread pool in real time thread pool size can be dynamically adjusted 2. Brief Introduction of Working Principle of Thread Pool; If the number of threads in the current thread pool is less than CoreBoost, a thread will be created to execute each task. if the number of threads in the current thread pool > = coreboost,

algorithm 8-find the maximum of two numbers without comparison 2019-04-27
question: For example, given two values of 5 and 10, find the maximum value directly without comparison. analysis: When it comes to finding the maximum value without comparison, you don't have to think about it. Generally, it can only be realized through bit operation. max = a - ((a-b)&((a-b)>>31)) or max = ((a+b)+|a-b|)/2 If we find the minimum value, we only need to add the two values and subtract max.