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Comparison of Java Major Collection Classes 2019-04-28
1.ArryList and HashMap. (1) are all thread asynchronous. (2) High efficiency but low safety (generally applicable to stand-alone version). (3)HashMap has key values, which can solve the redundancy problem. 2.Vetor and HashTable. (1) belong to thread synchronization. (2) Low efficiency but high security (generally applicable to network version). (3)HashTable has key values, which can solve the redundancy problem.

Configure Torch-based Deep Learning System Environment 2019-04-28
1. Install torch. The end result is that th command can be used. Official website: 2, linux install hdf5, install hdf5 for the system reference link: Official Download Link: 3. Installing lua 4, install torch-hdf5. Reference Content: sudo apt-get install libhdf5-serial-dev hdf5-tools git clone cd torch-hdf5 luarocks make hdf5-0-0.rockspec LIBHDF5_LIBDIR=

Development of Depth Learning in Image Classification 2019-04-28
Deep learning is a relatively young research direction, and it has been found in fields from machine vision to speech recognition and natural language recognition.To tell the truth, Brother Meow only knew about this subject before, but he did not know exactly what it was and how to use it.In fact, I don't know anything about it now, but I feel more and more that in-depth study is a special specialty we need in the future.

Environment Configuration-keras Learning Note 2 2019-04-28
Windows Click for details linux Click for details

Market Focus, WeChat Artificial Intelligence applet, another outlet for the sales community? 2019-04-28
Market Focus, WeChat Artificial Intelligence applet, another outlet for the sales community? For a long time, business cards, as the basic carrier of the workplace and Business networking, have a deep historical heritage and a broad population base." Ruyi Tui", an artificial intelligence business card product designed to provide professional services for business people, is committed to solving the sales problems of 43 million enterprises in China. Ruyi Push Artificial Intelligence Business Card is based on WeChat and has a flow of 1 billion WeChat and a convenient entry bonus for small programs.

OrdinaryLeader Squares is What Do You Mean? 2019-04-28
Ordinary Least Square是普通最小二乘法,简称OLS。是应用最多的参数估计方法,也是从最小二乘原理出发的其他估计方法的基础。英语的解释: In statistics, ordinary least squares (OLS)

Reasons and Solutions for loss Equal to 87.3365 and Remaining the Same in CAFFE (Convolutional Architecture for Fast Feature Embedding) Training 2019-04-28
Such as the topic, when training in CAFFE (Convolutional Architecture for Fast Feature Embedding), caffe meeting this special number, loss will always be this number. Although there are many trick on the Internet, there is little detailed analysis. Therefore, it is necessary to study the source code of CAFFE (Convolutional Architecture for Fast Feature Embedding). Softmax's formula is p_k= \frac{exp(x_k)}{\sum_{i}exp(x_i)} Where x is the output of the previous layer of softmax

Role of Mentality 2019-04-28
心态影响能力——九个人过桥的试验 有一个心理学教授,召集了九个自愿参加实验的人,准备进行一场实验。只见教授说:你们九个人现在听我的指挥,走过这

Selective Sorting in Single Linked List (Headed Node) 2019-04-28
//选择排序(有头节点) template<typename T> void chainWithHeader<T>::selectionSort() {chainNode<T>*pd,*pf,*pe,*pa,*pmax;pf = headerNode;pd = NULL;bool sorted = false; //已经排好序之后退出循环while (pf->next->next!=pd&&!sorted){pmax = pf;pa= pf->next;sorted = true;T temp;while (pa->next!= pd){if (pmax->next->

Some Precautions for Use of OpenCV&amp;#x27;s reshape Function 2019-04-28
1) In matlab, reshape comes in columns, while in opencv, reshape of mat comes in rows. 2)reshape requires the transformation object matrix A to be continuous and can be judged by A.iscontinous ().If it is not continuous, it will not be able to devote all one's efforts to reshape, and it will report an error.Generally, the cropped Mat images are no longer continuous, such as cv::Mat B = A(rect);Crop_img, cv:: Matb = a (range (begin _ row, end _ row), etc.