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linux Installs XBMC to Build Own Home Cinema 2019-05-01
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pytorch Learning Notes (IX): Introduction to PyTorch Structure 2019-05-01
PyTorch structure introduction A superficial understanding of PyTorch architecture cannot guarantee complete correctness, but I hope I can have an overall grasp of PyTorch from a higher level.Level is limited, if there is any mistake, please refer to the wrong, thank you! Several Important Types Numerically Related Tensor Variable Parameter buffer (this cannot be called a type, in fact it is used to save tensor) Tensor:The calculation in PyTorch is basically based on Tensor, which can be said to be the basic calculation unit in PyTorch.

xbmc Remote Control Volume Plus Process Summary 2019-05-01
AndroidKey.cpp replaces scancode with sym and forms XBMC_Key. //xbmc/android/activity/AndroidKey.cpp typedef struct { int32_t nativeKey; int16_t xbmcKey; } KeyMap; static KeyMap keyMap[] = { { AKEYCODE_VOLUME_UP , XBMCK_PLUS }, }; bool CAndroidKey::onKeyboardEvent(AInputEvent *event) { int32_t flags = AKeyEvent_getFlags(event); int32_t state = AKeyEvent_getMetaState(event); int32_t action = AKeyEvent_getAction(event); int32_t repeat = AKeyEvent_getRepeatCount(event); int32_t keycode = AKeyEvent_getKeyCode(event); int32_t deviceId = AInputEvent_getDeviceId(event); CJNIKeyCharacterMap map = CJNIKeyCharacterMap::load(deviceId); uint16_t unicode = map.get(keycode, state); // Check if we

(43) C # Design Pattern-Mediator Pattern 2019-05-01
definition As can be seen from the examples in life, both QQ group and QQ Games are acting as an intermediate platform. QQ users can log in to this intermediate platform to communicate with other QQ users. Without these intermediate platforms, if we want to chat with friends, we may need to face to face.Telephone and SMS are the same, with this intermediate platform.Each user does not need to rely

Design Pattern-Mediator Design Pattern 2019-05-01
scenarioBuying a house, renting a house, looking for an intermediary, and dating men and women looking for an intermediary.Use a mediation object to encapsulate a series of object interactions.Mediators make it unnecessary for objects to refer to each other explicitly, which makes them loose and can change their interaction independently.In simple terms, the original two directly referenced or dependent objects are separated, and a' intermediary' object is added in the

Design Pattern-Mediator Pattern 2019-05-01
Mediator mode, communication between objects, if it is one-to-one very simple, object A tells object B what to do, and B does what it wants, but if it is not one-to-one communication?The structure in the middle will be a lot of confusion. When one object changes, other objects may need to change together, which leads to the mediator model. Encapsulates a series of object interactions with an intermediary object. The

Design Pattern-Object Behavioral pattern 2019-05-01
[Object Behavioral pattern] refers to algorithms and assignment of responsibilities among objects, describing the modes of objects and classes, and the communication modes between them.Used to describe how classes or objects interact and how responsibilities are assigned. 1. Strategy refers to defining a series of algorithms, encapsulating them one by one and making them replaceable.There is a base class policy interface, and multiple policies inherit from the base class;The upper

Difference between Soft Decoding and Hard Decoding of Video 2019-05-01
For video transmission, the understanding of decoding should be basic.So what is soft decoding and what is hard decoding?What is the difference between them?Is it just the difference between proper nouns?In fact, the difference between them is obvious. Distinguishing Point The video files we play on the computer are all compressed, because this is conducive to saving storage space;Then in the playing process, a reflection decompression process is required.

Experience of Using pureMVC 2019-05-01
PureMVC greatly optimized our use of FLEX for foreground development, making the whole development process more controllable. However, if programmers are allowed to use pureMVC freely, there will be great hidden dangers.The content of this article mainly records some development specifications and experience summary that I have used in the past week when I used pureMVC to develop prototypes. 1. If there is a project developed jointly by several developers, and version control tools are used to control the source code of the project, it can be easily maintained.

Face Color Score Using Machine Learning 2019-05-01
Science can make fairy tales come true. Do you remember the magic mirror in Snow White? Using human technology can really make ordinary people have one.Because humans let computers use machine learning to make their own judgments. The common step of using machine learning is to let the machine learn first and then let the machine work. How to learn how to score a face, you must give the computer a pile of photos, tell it what is the score of each photo, after the computer has finished learning, give it a photo it has never seen, let it score, and see if it is good at learning.