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Turn to Cheng Xuyuan Welfare, with free and open face recognition technology SDK! 2019-05-27
Because the completely free face recognition technology SDK had another fire in inside, the IT circle, a few days ago. I couldn't help laughing when I heard my colleague say just now, "It's a relief to many guys who are watching the future development of face recognition technology and especially want to get the SDK of different face recognition technologies."From the birth of face recognition technology to the emergence of

Understanding and Implementation of Front and Rear End Separation Technology 2019-05-27
Front End Static The front end has and only has static content. To be more specific, only HTML/CSS/JS. Its content comes from completely static resources and does not need any background technology for dynamic assembly. The running environment and engine of the front end content are completely based on the browser itself. Back-end Datalization Backend can be implemented in any language, technology and platform, but they must follow a principle: only provide data, not any content related to interface presentation.

Verification of Picture Verification Code with Separation of Front and Back Ends 2019-05-27
directory Implementation of Verification Code Verification Code Tool Class package common; import java.awt.*; import java.awt.image.BufferedImage; import java.util.Random; public class VerificationCode { private int weight = 70; //验证码图片的长和宽 private int height = 30; private String text; //用来保存验证码的文本内容 private Random r = new Random(); //获取随

What can I do after learning Python? 2019-05-27
Lao Nong has learned quite a few languages, but Python is one of the most popular languages now. I really don't know what to do. I have learned it and feel a bit more advanced, close to natural language.It has nothing to do with the platform. Python has replaced VF as the content of the national level 2 examination. I reprinted it today, but to be honest, I still don't know what he can do and what advantages he has.

Xiaomi air win10+ubuntu18.04 Dual System Installation and Uninstallation and Problems in the Process 2019-05-27
Xiaomi air13.3 inches, newly acquired, comes with win10 family version.I especially want to install an ubuntu to experience it.The latest version of ubuntu18.04(DeskTop) was obtained through online search. First installationOnline Search Tutorial: 1. Installation: 1.ultraiso makes the startup disk and starts the F2 BIOS setting secure boot Disabled.The Boot entry retains UEFI and is not transferred to legacy. 2.win10 Shutdown Fast Start 3. The space left by compressed volume for ubuntu, delete the volume and keep its unallocated state.

[Nginx] What is Nginx?Why use Nginx? 2019-05-27
1. Preface For Mao to use nginx server proxy instead of tomcat 7.0, and to make one more request? This is what I want to ask. The company's new project is to be developed with Nginx+tomcat7+jdk. Users can directly access tomcat after naming. Why use Nginx?What is this thing? 2. Why Nginx? In traditional Web projects, concurrency is small and users use less.Therefore, in the case of low concurrency, the user can directly access the tomcat server, and then the tomcat server returns a message to the user.

shiro Verification for Front and Back End Separation Project 2019-05-27
For the new project of the company, the front-end and back-end separation projects should be done. During the development process, shiro should be used for session management.Because the front and back ends are separated, the front end requests the back end address through ajax, and the back end program cannot write the sessionId into the cookie of the requesting browser, so the scheme needs to be re-imagined. Through the research

C# Multithread Fingerprint Comparison 2019-05-21
C# Multithread Fingerprint Comparison Due to the needs of the project, fingerprint verification shall be carried out, and api of Biometric coprocessor manufacturer shall be called to carry out fingerprint comparison. Tests show that the comparison of 1000 fingerprints takes 200 milliseconds faster and takes more than 1 second at full time. Obviously, the comparison of fingerprint data above 10w level is beyond our capacity.This is the need to consider

CompCars dataset 2019-05-21
Compcars (Compcars) dataset contains data from two scenes, including car images under Internet scenes and car images under monitoring scenes. The car image data under the Internet scene includes 1716 kinds of car models (Audi A4L, A6L, etc.) under 163 car brands (Audi, Volkswagen).A total of 136,726 complete vehicle images and 27,618 (unverified) partial images of the vehicle.

FCN understanding, unsampling 2019-05-21
FCN:  Full Volume Network FCN Details upsampling: Three Ways of upsampling (upsampling) in Computer Vision