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How to Build Android Project with Gradle 2019-05-17
This article specifically introduces how to build Android project with Gradle.The basic grammar of Gradle can be found in another article: 1. Signature Gradle itself supports direct signature, only need to add the following code in releas: signingConfigs { debug { } release { storeFile file("../yourapp.keystore") storePassword "your password" keyAlias "your alias" keyPassword "your password" } } buildTypes { debug { minifyEnabled false zipAlignEnabled false shrinkResources false signingConfig signingConfigs.debug

Target Size Determination Based on detectMultiScale Function Multiscale Face Detection 2019-05-17
Target Size Determination Based on detectMultiScale Function Multiscale Face Detection Function Introduction Due to the requirements of work items, I need to determine the maximum size and minimum size of the target detection object in the detectMultiScale function in combination with the actual project of the company, so as to achieve the purpose of accelerating the detection speed and filtering noise targets. Implementation Steps 1. Introduction to DetectMultiscale Function 打

Understood Android Gradle Construction System (5: build type) 2019-05-17
By default, Android plug-ins automatically build a debug and a release version of the application for the project.The difference between the two versions mainly lies in the debugging function on the non-development machine and the signature method of APK.The debug version uses a key created with the public name/password to sign it (so you don't need to be prompted for a password when building it).The release version will not be signed when it is built, but will be done later.

Use Gradle to Build Some Custom Configurations for Android Projects 2019-05-17
Recently, I began to get into the habit of writing blogs....I hope I can write better articles in the future.. due to the needs of work projects, I often need one code > multiple resources > multiple apps.However, each app has its own package name, id, WeChat ID, etc. A series of parameters, some of which need to be written in the code, others need to be written in the

deployment of canal client (code none) 2019-05-17
Infrastructure MySQL-5.7.17+Canal.Deployer-1.0.23 mysql binlog Opening and Configuration Server Deployment Client Deployment binlog Opening and Configuration it is mainly to modify mysql's configuration file. generally, under the /etc/my.cnf directory, add the following contents: log-bin=master-bin # generates prefix of binlogLOG-BIN-INDEX = MASTER-BIN. INDEX # Generates binlog styles such as master-bin-00001Binlog-format=row #binlog format, server only parses ROW format, be sure!Server-id=1 # distinguishes master from slave, and the serverid of multiple mysql sets are

AdaBoost Algorithm Series 1 2019-05-15
AdaBoost Algorithm Series 1 1 Preface 2. AdaBoost's Mathematical Expression 3. An example 4. AdaBoost hardly over-fits

AttributeError: module 'sklearn' has no attribute 'preprocessing' 2019-05-15
source code is: import sklearn ....... embedding = sklearn.preprocessing.normalize(embedding).flatten() error reported: attributeerror: module 'sklearn' hasnoattribute 'preprocessing' Modify the code to: from sklearn import preprocessing ........... embedding = preprocessing.normalize(embedding).flatten() Solve problems.

Kaggle Last User Classification Problem 2019-05-15
KaggleAddress Reference Model In fact, the key point of this project is that there are a large number of discrete features. For discrete dimensions, the processing method is to convert each feature level of each discrete dimension into a dimension like SQL row and column exchange, and the value under this dimension is only 0 or 1.But this is bound to lead to a dimension explosion.This project is typical. After

OpenPose Installation 2019-05-15
I saw the introduction of OpenPose on the Internet and felt it was a good thing, although the current hardware does not meet its requirements and cannot be verified.However, this time the installation process was translated for later use. OpenPose installation: Operating System Support Ubuntu 14 and 16. Windows 8 and 10. Nvidia Jetson TX2 ,Installation Guide See doc/ .

Python (8) Function 2019-05-15
abs() #可以 s=-20 print(s) print(abs(s)) >>> 20 #不可以 s=-20 print(s) abs(s) print(s) cmp(x,y) comparison function cmp(x, y) requires two parameters,If x is less than y, then -1 is returned.If x==y, the return value is 0If x>y, the return value is 1 int() Python's built-in common functions also include data type conversion functions, such as the int () function, which can convert other data types to