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vs2013+opencv3.2 is configured in Shiqi's face detection algorithm 2019-05-05
Recently, I am learning face recognition, such as Dlib,face++, Yu Shiqi's face detection algorithm and opencv's own face recognition algorithm. For the configuration of Yu Shiqi's face detection algorithm online, it is not very detailed. Record the configuration process again. Download Address: Yu Shiji Face Detection Algorithm: 1: Decompression 2: Create an empty project 3: Configuration Click Project, right click to select Properties (1) click on the VC++ directory.

25 IOs application performance tuning 2019-05-05
Original: Write in frontThis article comes from Marcelo Fabri of iOS Tutorial Team, who is an iOS programmer of Movile.This is his personal website:, you can also follow @marcelofabri_, on Twitter.Performance is especially important for the development of iOS applications. If your application loses its response or is slow, disappointed users will write down their disappointment with App Store comments.However, due to the limitation of iOS devices, it is sometimes difficult to perform well.

25 Suggestions and Skills for IOS Optimization 2019-05-05
This is why I wrote this article.This article integrates 25 suggestions and skills that you can use to improve the performance of your app in the form of a convenient checklist. Please read this article patiently to speed up your future app! Note: Before optimizing your code, you should pay attention to one problem and don't get into the wrong habit of "pre-optimizing" your code.Often use Instruments to profile your code to find areas that need improvement.

25 Suggestions and Skills for Optimizing IOS Application Performance (22~25) 2019-05-05
22. Accelerating Startup Time Quick opening of app is very important, especially when users open it for the first time, the first impression wife is too important for app. All you can do is make it do as many asynchronous tasks as possible, such as loading remote or database data and parsing data. Again, avoid too large XIB because they are loaded on the main thread.So try to use Storyboards without this problem!

Bubble Sort, Insert Sort, Select Sort, Merge sort, Quick Sort 2019-05-05
The dynamic diagram demonstration and summary of sorting can be referred to: The following provides source code files, operating environment VS, my VS2017. // sort.cpp: 定义控制台应用程序的入口点。 // //#define _CRT_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS #define INC_03_SELECTION_SORT_DETECT_PERFORMANCE_SORTTESTHELPER_H #include "stdafx.h" #include<vector> #include<string> #include<iostream> #include"CRandom.h" using namespace std; //基础排序算法 //1.冒泡排

Data Structure-Select Sort-Tree Selection Sort 2019-05-05
Select Sort 1) The Locksmith sorting. ② Tree Selection Sort.←this 3 heapsort. Tree Selection Sort (Tree Selection Sort), also known as Tournament Sort, is a method of selecting and sorting according to the idea of tournaments. describe the process: firstly, compare the keywords of n records in pairs, and then compare the [n/2] (upper bound) larger (smaller) ones in pairs to

Design Pattern-Mediator (Application in Unity3d) 2019-05-05
The perception system in Unity3D uses an intermediary mode. Perception includes visual sensors, auditory sensors, visual triggers, auditory triggers, etc. The interaction between sensor triggers is completed by the intermediary, and the direct decoupling of sensors and triggers is realized to the greatest extent. Auditory Sensors: [RequireComponent(typeof(NavMeshAgent))] public class HearingSensor:AbstractSensor { public float hearingDistance; public bool IsCheckCover; private NavMeshPath path; private NavMeshAgent navMeshAgent; private Vector3? targetPosition; public new void Start() { base.

Design Pattern-Mediator Pattern -mediator-python 2019-05-05
def Encapsulates a series of object interactions with an intermediary object. The intermediary makes the objects interact without display, thus making their coupling loose and changing their interactions independently. usage Mediator mode has the advantage of reducing the dependency between classes, changing the original one-to-many dependency into one-to-one dependency, while colleague classes only rely on mediators, thus reducing the dependency and, of course, the coupling between classes.

Introduction to Elastic Search 2019-05-05
1. Entities @Document(type = "conversation_content", indexName = "conversation_a",createIndex = false) public class ConversationContent { @Id @Field(type = FieldType.keyword) private Long id; @Field(analyzer = "ik_max_word", searchAnalyzer = "ik_max_word", store = true, type = FieldType.text) private String title; @Field(analyzer = "ik_max_word", searchAnalyzer = "ik_max_word", store = true, type = FieldType.text) private String initiator; @Field(type = FieldType.Nested)

Introduction to Elastic Search (1) 2019-05-05
1. Basic concepts 1.1 Common Full Text Search Framework 1、LuceneAn open source project under Apache, a high-performance, extensible tool library, provides the basic framework for searching.If developers need to use it, they need to develop it by themselves. The cost is relatively high, but the performance is high. 2、solrSolr's Lucene-based full-text search framework provides richer functions than Lucene.At the same time, it can be configured and expanded and the query performance is optimized.