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command line update scikit-learn 2019-05-11
Use pip command to update library pipinstall-upgrade library name such as updating scikit-learn package pip install --upgrade scikit-learn pip update Python -m pip install --upgrade pip

install pip without root permission 2019-05-11
translated from: There is no root privilege on a server and the system does not have built-in python-pip.Search found that Python Enterprise Application Kit can be used for installation. The command is as follows: easy_install --user pip PATH may need to be added (not used by the author), and export in. bashrc is sufficient. subsequent use of pipinstall-uservirtualenv allows you to freely match your environment.

the best state of mind in a relationship ... 2019-05-11
We always like to use "let nature take its course" to deal with the difficulties and frustrations on the road of life, but we seldom admit that the real let nature take its course is not to demand after doing everything we can, rather than to do nothing with one hand and one stall. 4 hidden rules that you must know: face is really important, if you look good, life is like hanging open;Life always makes us black and blue all over, but those who do not say anything are the growth.

C# face recognition primer (Step by step face recognition) 2019-05-10
C# Introduction to Face Recognition -Step ByStep Face Recognition Nowadays, face-based technologies and topics can be said to be very popular. Face recognition based on big data and artificial intelligence breaks through the limits of our imagination. If face recognition cannot be integrated into applications, it will be too behind the trend.Face recognition is an algorithm-intensive project. If it is developed by myself, it requires a deep foundation in mathematics

CV Deep Learning Model Android End Landing Scheme II: Real-time Face Detection Using Face Class and Frame Face 2019-05-10
This series of blogs mainly introduce how to transplant your trained cv neural network model on Android devices. The main process is as follows:1. Use Android Camera2 APIs to get a real-time preview of the camera.2. If the Face image is processed, face detection is carried out by using the face class provided by Android Camera2, and the functions of framing the face on the preview screen and adding characters

Git learning 2019-05-10
I had nothing to do yesterday, and suddenly found myself unable to play Git. It is simply intolerable for a person who aspires to be a great technologist. As a result, I quickly filled in the tutorial, mainly on Liao Xuefeng's blog.。For detailed tutorials, please refer to the novice tutorials and Liao Xuefeng's blog. Here are some common commands. Basic Grammar create version library: git init (use this command under a folder to make the directory gitmanageable)View status: git statusAdd file to staging area: git add fileAdd to branch: gitcommit-m' [message]'View log: git logConcise version log: gitlog–onelineRoll back to previous version: gitreset-hard head (several [] represent roll back to previous version and represent previous version.

OpenCV Function Complete 2019-05-10
Reference: When looking up a function definition of OpenCV on the Internet, I saw someone summarizing the meaning of all OpenCV functions, sighing, summarizing and recording it 1、cvLoadImage:将图像文件加载至内存; 2、cvNamedWindow:在

POSTGRESQL Performance Test Data 2019-05-10
测试平台:Postgresql 8.3.5 ,DotNet 2.0, Ado.net驱动 1.1, WinXp Sp3, 迅驰 1.8G Hz, 内存 2G 数据插入实验中数据插入的时间包含

Python Face Replaces Black Magic 2019-05-10
See on Zhihu, mark Click ~ Original Link

SSD face detection installation: SSD trains its own data set 2019-05-10
Part I SSD InstallationSystem: ubuntu 14.04 Language: python ssd Project Home Page: First, let's clone the project code and compile it: git clone cd caffe git checkout ssdNext, we started to compile CAFFE (Convolutional Architecture for Fast Feature Embedding), compiling CAFFE (Convolutional Architecture for Fast Feature Embedding) is very easy, this article is about CAFFE (Convolutional Architecture for Fast Feature Embedding)+Central Processor+Ubuntu 14.04 installation, GPU version installation needs