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tensorflow Model to ncnn 2019-05-27
The first step is to convert the. ckpt model saved in tensorflow into pb model, and write down the input and output names of the model.The second step is to go to github of ncnn and bring down the warehouse clone, install the dependency and make according to the above requirements.The third step is to modify the CMakeList of ncnn. The specific modification locations are: ncnn/CMakeList.txt file, add_definitions(-std=c++11) at the beginning of the file and add _ examples at the end.

win10 Pack Hackintosh Complete Tutorial 2019-05-27
:, the original website?title_sn/0&s=9&appid=xiaomi&ver= 1. Material Preparation 1, VMware, Vitual Software 2, VMware for Windows Release Install Mac OS Patch 3, Mac OS X 10.10 Hackintosh Mirror I have prepared all the above materials for you, and obtained them in my icloud. Link: Password: 76rm Do you feel dizzy when you see these heads? Don't be afraid. In fact, the whole process is very simple. I am also a novice in virtual machines.

A Letter to Grandma 2019-05-27
Dear Grandma: Your grandson Xiao Wei is finally about to finish his studies and finally can work. It's his first time to go abroad to talk with clients about business, Do you konw?!At this moment, Xiao Wei was crying alone in a hotel outside the city. inside crashed into Do you konw?!At this moment, all over crying hemp, have no strength to cry again Do you konw?!You are Xiao Wei's favorite person, Grandma.

Basic Introduction to nginx (I have seen the best introduction to Nginx so far, none of them.) 2019-05-27
This article is transferred from StuQ This tutorial briefly introduces nginx and explains some simple tasks that nginx can solve.Here, we assume that nginx has been installed on the reader's machine.If not, you can see how to install the nginx.This tutorial mainly explains how to start and stop ngixn, reload the configuration, describe the basic structure of the configuration file, how to build a nginx static helper, and how to

Construction and Use of SVN on Linux 2019-05-27
Developers often upload code or make changes to the code.Svn is used to update the modified code to the server.Let's look at how to build svn service (subversion) under Linux environment. Steps:1. Check whether svn already exists2. Install subversion3, check whether the installation is successful4. Create svn Resource Warehouse5, add users and passwords, configure permissions, configure resource pool permissions6. Start or restart the service7. subversion is installed on the slave

Identity Authentication Method Based on Separation of Front and Back Ends-JWT 2019-05-27
directory:First, what is JWTSecond, why do we use JWT (what is the difference from traditional session authentication)Three, how to use JWTIV. Composition and Principle of JWTFive, JWT encryption and decryption examples 1. What is JWTJWT——Json web tokenIt is an open JSON-based standard that is implemented to transfer declarations between network application environments. It can realize stateless and distributed Web

Image Recognition and Face Recognition 2019-05-27
Image Recognition foundation # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- from __future__ import unicode_literals import numpy as np import cv2 as cv original = cv.imread('../../data/forest.jpg') cv.imshow('Original', original) blue = np.zeros_like(original) blue[..., 0] = original[..., 0] # 0 - 蓝色通道 cv.imshow('Blue', blue) green = np.zeros_like(original) green[..., 1] = original[..., 1] # 1 - 绿色通道 cv.imshow('Green', green) red = np.zeros_like(original) red[..., 2] = original[..., 2] # 2 -

Interface Security in Front and Back End Separation Architecture (Part 2) 2019-05-27
Next to the previous article, let's continue our discussion. Validation of Input Parameters Under normal circumstances, the client will verify the legality of the parameters. This is only to relieve the pressure on the server. For the verification made by ordinary users, if hackers directly call the interface address, they can bypass the client's verification. At this time, we are required to do the same verification on the server.SpringMVC provides

Meaning of Separation of Front and Back End of Web 2019-05-27
Attempts and ChangesIf you haven't tried a workflow that separates the front and back ends, you can first imagine such a process change: Take the process from PM: "I want this function" back end: "Let's find the front end to make a template" front end: "The template is finished" back end: "I'll dock it, the style is wrong here" front end: "I've finished" back end: "Function delivery" PM: "Spring Festival to add this activity"

The Simplest SpringCloud Tutorial in History | Final Chapter 2019-05-27
reprint please indicate the source: article comes from Fang Zhipeng's blog After missing this article, you may never learn Spring Cloud again!Spring Boot as the next generation of web framework, Spring Cloud as the latest and hottest leader in Microservices, why do you refuse?Hurry up and board the ship, the old captain will take you to fly.The final chapter is not the last one, it is a summary and many more will be written in the future.