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canal Rewriting and parser Source Code Analysis 2019-05-17
Summary: The whole parse part of canal has been pulled out. It is mainly convenient for debugging and source code analysis of the machine in the future. Now it is put up. In fact, the canal has been completely disassembled and disassembled into tracker and parser. Later this version will be put up slowly and put here after the configuration service is written. Project Structure: the whole is divided into

canal Series-Installation Configuration under —Linux (Quick Start) 2019-05-17
Zero, Environmental Preparation 1, canal's principle is based on mysql binlog technology, so it is necessary to turn on mysql's binlog writing function here. It is recommended to configure binlog mode as row [mysqld] log-bin=mysql-bin #添加这一行就ok binlog-format=ROW #选择row模式 server_id=129 #配置mysql replacti

canal extracts mysql data in real time and sends it to Apache kafka 2019-05-17
Basic Description canal 1.1.1 version, the default support will be canal server received binlog data directly delivered to MQ, currently the default support MQ system are: kafka: RocketMQ : Environment Version operating system: CentOS release 6.6 (Final) java Version: jdk1.8 canal Version: Please download the latest installation package. This article takes the current canal.deployer-1.1.1.tar.gz of v1.1.1 as an example MySQL Version: 5.7.18 Note: Shut down the Firewall of

canal installation 2019-05-17
Introduction canal provides incremental data subscription & consumption based on database incremental log analysis. mysql is currently mainly supported.Through canal, incremental log-based subscription & consumption support services can be realized: Database Mirroring database real-time backup Multi-level index (index of sellers and buyers separately) search build Service cache Refresh price changes and other important business news download github canal.deployer-1.1.2.tar.gz Configuration Details MySQL initialization canal's principle is based on mysql binlog technology,

centos7 to install canal and synchronize mysql data to redis 2019-05-17
Introduction: canal is an Alibaba product. It mainly simulates mysql's Slave sending requests to Master. When mysql has additions, deletions and changes, it will start to request to send data to canal service. canal will store the data in memory until the client program (canal server and client program are written by java, and the client logic is developed by us with the help of classes under toolkit) consumes the data in canal service through publish-subscribe mode.

zyx| Reprint |30s Recommend Excellent Android Projects on github (Android Studio Source Code) 2019-05-17
This article is reproduced from HTTPS:// _ Laughter _ hat/article/details/79256190URL 1。Cainiao news Cainiao News Client is an information news client that imitates 36Kr official and captures 36Kr official website data in real time. Includes related functional clients such as homepage news, details, discovery, activities, real-time data capture, sideslip effect, third-party login and sharing, and message push. Project Source Code Download Address: 2。KuaiChuan A file transmission application imitating eggplant fast transmission involves Socket communication, including TCP and UDP communication

"Clever Use of Gradle to Build Android Applications" Reading and Finishing 2019-05-17
After watching "Smart Use of Gradle to Build Android Applications" over the weekend, I put the new knowledge in order for myself and those who need it to see it later. Gradle The construction process of gradle is actually to execute DAG(Directed Acyclic Graph), allowing you to define your own task and insert it into it.The Android DSL () portal when building the Android block build.gradle. dependent syntax //

Build and Run canal Based on HA Mode 2019-05-17
Before reading this article, it is recommended to read this article. canal stand-alone mode: Machine Preparation: mysql: canal server: 、 zoo

Deep and Good Writing Written by Great Spirit ---Gradle Building Tool 2019-05-17
What is a build tool? We all know that Gradle is a building tool, so what is a building tool? I find it difficult to understand a lot of text explanations on the Internet. Let's take Android development as an example. We used Eclipse for our previous development, and Eclipse is known as an IDE (Integrated Development Environment), which was originally used for Java development, while Android is based on Java language, so Google originally hoped Android could be developed on Eclipse.

First Lecture in Gradle Series-What is gradle?What does Gradle do? 2019-05-17
I have always understood Gradle as a dependency management and packaging tool for android studio projects.In fact, there is no problem in understanding this.However, this understanding is not comprehensive and systematic enough, which will cause certain restrictions to my later use of gradle.So it's time to get to know gradle in a comprehensive way.Ahhh! How should gradle be understood?Gradle is currently a very popular project construction tool.It is not limited to a platform.