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cglib vs java reflection 2019-05-11

java dynamic proxy 2019-05-11
com.sun.proxy.$Proxy0before dynamic proxymethod:public abstract void want rent my houseafter dynamic proxybefore dynamic proxymethod:public abstract void com.panfan.proxy.Subject.hello(java.lang.String)hello:worldafter dynamic proxy

pip install python package offline 2019-05-11
1. Create a directory to place python packages mkdir py_packages 2. Use the following command to download relevant python packages in a networked environment pip install --download ./py_packages ansible (这里以安装ansible为例) 3. Copy the package to an offline environment and execute the following command: pip install --no-index --find-links=file:./py_packages ansible This will make the installation successful.

pip version downgraded 2019-05-11
PIP version 10.0.1 installation package reported a bunch of errors, so it was downgraded to version 9.0.3. Use command:python -m pip install pip==9.0.3 where -m parameter interpretation: run library module as a script (terminates option list) Use python modules in the library as scripts to run.

python machine learning library sklearn-cross validation (k fold, leave one, leave p, random) 2019-05-11
full stack engineer Development Manual (by Luan Peng) python Data Mining Series Tutorial Learning the parameters of the prediction function and testing on the same data set is a wrong approach: a model that only gives test case labels will get extremely high scores, but it cannot predict any useful information for data that has not yet appeared.This kind of situation is called overfitting. In order to avoid this situation,

(15)-mentality is more important than ability. 2019-05-11
Feelings of Listening to Mingge Talk The road ahead is full of thorns, but I will insist on never giving up. As long as we work together, we will be able to cut through all difficulties! 1. Choose what you love, love what you choose, environment is very important We in Band of Brothers can be said to be the most learning-atmosphere training institution I have ever seen.

300 philosophical stories 2019-05-11
Share my teacher's great god of artificial intelligence tutorial!Zero basis, easy to understand! You are also welcome to reprint this article.Sharing knowledge, benefiting the people and realizing the great rejuvenation of our Chinese nation!

Analysis of Developing Network Firewall Technology with C# 2019-05-11
N-Byte Network Watcher is a stand-alone version of Network security tools. In short, it is a personal version of Firewall developed with. NET.In the development of version 1.0 of N-Byte network watcher, NDIS Hook Driver technology is used to realize the network packet filtering function, which enables N-Byte network watcher to filter network packets at the network layer, thus realizing powerful functions. Since the main program of the software is written in C#, there is no driver control function similar to DeviceIoControl function in C#, while the driver under NDIS Hook Driver technology is written in C language under DDK.

Basic Principle of HTTP File Upload 2019-05-11
This article is reproduced from: the original author for sharing. I recommend relevant blog posts:(1) Upload files through http protocol form uploads files, C++ develops background services, and protocol analysis practices 1, the basic principle of HTTP file upload: using html tags, several attributes of the submitted form must be: method = postenctype = multipart/form-data;The reason why the method property must be set to post is that the value

Command Line Installation (Update) of Modules such as numpy 2019-05-11
author: xxw9485Time: 2018/3/13 directly open cmd to install modules such as numpy: pip install numpyDirectly open cmd to install or update modules such as numpy: python -m pip install -U numpy Steps to Enter D Disk Installation:Open cmd input d:;Enter dir to obtain D disk file directory;Enter the name of the cd folder and enter the folder.Pyinstall after entering the target folder.