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Dark Horse Programmer-Regular Expressions Commonly Used in Java 2019-05-13
--< a href = "" target = "blank" > Android training < /a >, < a href = "" target = "blank" > Java training < /a >, looking forward to communicating with you!---------- Common Regular Expressions (1) "\ d+$"//Non-negative integer (positive integer+0) (2) "[0-9] * [1-9] [0-9] * $"//positive integer (3) "((-\ d+) | (0+)) $"//Non-positive integer (negative integer+0) (4) "-[0-9] * [1-9] [0-9] * $"//negative integer

Explanation of Face Detection in OpenCV 2019-05-13
OpenCV for Basic Learning Notes (1): Analysis of facedetect Examples in OpenCV

Face Recognition during Android Shooting Preview 2019-05-13
Think about it carefully. It's been a long time since I wrote this article. Recently, I've been busy working and sleeping and playing games (my friend's name is Youxi), so I haven't written the next thing..I remember that the last article was about custom camera ( this article will add the function of face recognition to the original one. has been pro-tested, can be achieved!!! three classes, very simple, other

Face recognition unlock can be bypassed with photos?Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi and HTC are all on the list. 2019-05-13
The Dutch Consumer Association (Consumentenbond) recently pointed out in an article entitled "Gezichtsheerkenningop Smartphone Niet Altijd Veilig (Face Recognition on Smartphones Is Not Always Safe)" that the face recognition unlocking function being adopted by more and more smartphones does not seem as safe as we think. Of the 110 smartphones used for testing, 42 (38%) can be easily unlocked with one photo, including Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Blackberry, Nokia, Motorola, Asus, LG, HTC and Sony.

How does OpenCV use dnn to read CAFFE (Convolutional Architecture for Fast Feature Embedding) Model for identification 2019-05-13
dnn module in OpenCV opencv3.0 has integrated basic dnn modules, including common layers.Record the first use as follows: /**M/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // IMPORTANT: READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING, COPYING, INSTALLING OR USING. // // By downloading, copying, installing or using the software you agree to this license. // If you do not agree to this license, do not download, install, // copy or use the software. // // // License Agreement // For Open Source Computer Vision Library // // Copyright (C) 2013, OpenCV Foundation, all rights reserved.

How to Get Android Unique Identifier (Unique Serial Number) 2019-05-13
From: There are many scenarios and requirements you need to use the unique identifier of the mobile phone device. In Android, there are several ways to obtain such ID. 1. The IMEI: Only valid for Android phones: Using this method, a license needs to be added to AndroidManifest.xml: Android. Permission. Read _ Phone _ State, and users should be allowed to install this application.

One of Android Face Recognition (SDK comes with its own detection algorithm) 2019-05-13
In fact, Android SDK has integrated a simple Facial recognition technology from version 1.0 (API level 1). We can realize Bitmap multi-face recognition on Android platform by calling FaceDetector (if there are multiple faces in a picture). spit out this algorithm that comes with the next one is a little pit. for example, if you cannot detect it with your eyes closed, you might as well not see it and

Optimization of Memory Calls for Face Recognition 2019-05-13
optimizing content: void realloc_if_need(){ size_t reserve_items=std::max(static_cast<int>(max_items/10),512); size_t allocate_items=0; bool need_realloc=false; if(getAllocatedSize()==getSize()) { allocate_items=std::min(getSize()+reserve_items,reserve_items); need_realloc=true; } if(need_realloc) { size_t new_len=allocate_items*(item_size+sizeof(int)); size_t old_len=getAllocatedSize()*(item_size+sizeof(int)); unsigned char* new_buf=new unsigned char[new_len]; memcpy(new_buf,buf,old_len); buf=new_buf; } } header file: #ifndef _FEATURE_STORAGE_INTERNAL_H_ #define _FEATURE_STORAGE_INTERNAL_H_ #include "feature_storage_comm.h" #include <vector> #include <utility> #include <unordered_map> class Arena; class MemoryStorage { public: typedef std::pair<std::string, float> TopNResult; private: std::unordered_map<std::string, size_t> data; std::unordered_map<size_t, std::string> id2map; size_t max_items; size_t feat_len; Arena *arena; pthread_rwlock_t lock; public: MemoryStorage(); ~MemoryStorage(); void clear(); void setMaxItems(size_t v, size_t _m_feat_len); inline size_t getMaxItems() { return max_items; } inline size_t getSize() { return data.

Palm and Fist Detection 2019-05-13
interactive system construction (4) palm and fist detection joining TLD [email protected] Construction of Human-Computer Interaction System (1) mentioned that my entire interaction system includes the following parts: TLD system, TTS speech synthesis, speech recognition, gesture and speech control of mouse and keyboard, detection of adding palm before operation (so as not to draw target box with mouse), fist detection, etc.   Currently Completed:

Play with Android Camera Development (5): Real-time Face Detection and Face Frame Drawing Based on Google&amp;#x27;s Own Algorithm (First Online with Complete demo) 2019-05-13
This article mainly introduces the use of Google's own FaceDetectionListener for face detection, and draws the detected face with a rectangular frame.The code of this article is based on PlayCameraV1.0.0, and has been changed in Camera's open and preview processes.Originally placed in a separate thread inside, this time I put it in Life cycle inside of Surfaceview for opening and previewing. First of all, we need to reflect. Last year,