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libfacedetection-master+vs2013 configuration 2019-04-01
Github Address: to copy libfacedetection-master \ include \ facedetection-dll to the current project directory

popular open source data mining tool 2019-04-01
IDMer said: This article only examines several popular open source data mining platforms, such as Weka and R, etc.If you want to find more open source data mining software, you can check it on KDnuggets and Open Directory.In order to evaluate these software, we used the heart disease diagnosis data set on UCI Machine Learning Repository.R R ( is a computer language and analysis tool for statistical analysis and graphics.

principles of spring and springMVC parent-child containers 2019-04-01
To understand the relationship between these three contexts, you need to be familiar with how spring is started in a web container.Spring's startup process is actually the startup process of its IoC container. For web programs, the startup process of IoC container is the process of establishing context. spring startup process: First of all, for a web application, it is deployed in a web container, which provides a global context environment.

pythonsci kit-learn-svm algorithm 2019-04-01
Support Vector Machine (SVM) is a set of supervised learning methods for classification, regression and outlier detection. SVMs: LinearSVC, Linear SVR, SVC, Nu-SVC, SVR, Nu-SVR, OneClassSVM Support Vector Machine has the advantages of effectiveness in high dimensional space. It is still valid when the dimension is larger than the number of samples. A subset of training points (called support vectors) is used in the decision function,

05 keras Basic Use 2019-03-31
Learning Objectives View model types using plot_model use TensorBoard to view model training Learn basic training of sequence model Learn how to read help documents Foundation Required Python Programming Fundamentals TensorFlow Foundation (to help understand, because keras is still based on TensorFlow) keras Deep Learning Foundation, at least some concepts to know, such as gradient descent, regularization, etc., recommend Wu Enda's deep learning video numpy, matplotlib, pandas, etc import module

Keras: Getting Started Recommendation 2019-03-31
Keras: Python-based Deep Learning Library keras tutorial

NLP sentiment classification for sentiment analysis 2019-03-31
sentiment analysis and sentiment classification sentiment analysis (SENTIMENT ANALYSIS) is a hot research topic at home and abroad in recent years. Its task is to help users quickly acquire, sort out and analyze relevant evaluation information, and analyze, process, induce and reason subjective texts with emotional color. sentiment analysis includes many tasks, such as sentiment classification, opinion extraction, opinion question-and-answer and opinion summary, etc.Therefore, it is difficult to simply classify it into a certain field, and it is often classified into different directions from different angles.

PyTorch's multi-class loss function 2019-03-31 PyTorch, which has recently become a hot topic, is about to release version 1.0. As one of the best frameworks for all kinds of deep learning tasks, PyTorch provides rich loss functions, and nn.CrossEntropyLoss and nn.NLLLoss are the most frequently used multi-classification tasks. It is worth discussing. nn.CrossEntropyLoss CrossEntropy, as its name implies, is cross entropy. The concept comes from Shannon's information theory and is used to measure the difference information between two probability distributions.

U-net Source Code Analysis (Keras Version) 2019-03-31
reprint: code address:

U-net thesis translation 2019-03-31
jianyuchen23' s U-net detailed explanation this blog has already explained very well, but some details are different. I wrote this blog to leave some records for my learning process. summary Training DNN requires a lot of data, which is recognized in the industry.This paper proposes a network structure and a training strategy. The training strategy is based on the use of data enhancement methods in order to make full use of the limited labeled samples.