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oneclassSVM ,SVDD 2019-04-01
Today I'd like to introduce you to one class classification and use SVDD (Support Vector Domain Description) to do one class classification.Recently, I came into contact with one classification, which is quite interesting. It is still quite different from the thinking of many types of classification. It is a long posture ~ We know that classification problems are generally of category 2 or more, typical category 2 problems such as

tld Label Learning Classic Tutorial 2019-04-01
1. Overview   JSP 2.0 provides two new methods for developing custom tags: 1, SimpleTag mechanism simpletag JSP 2.0 has added a new API for creating custom tags: javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.simpletag, which defines an interface for implementing simple tags.Different from the existing interface in JSP 1.2, SimpleTag interface does not use the doStartTag () and doEndTag () methods, but provides a simple doTag () method.This method is used only once when calling the tag.

Baidu AI Open Platform Face Recognition Learning Notes (2) 2019-04-01
AipFace AipFace is a Python SDK client for face recognition, which provides a series of interactive methods for developers using face recognition.Python SDK client for face recognition provides a series of interactive methods for developers using face recognition. create a new AipFace with reference to the following code: from aip import AipFace """ 你的 APPID AK SK """ APP_ID = '你的 App ID' API_KEY = '你

Label Learning 2019-04-01
citation: short text: < q>text</q >, with double quotation marks automatically added long text: < blockquote></blockquote > address information: < address></address > add code: 1: < code></code > large segment: < pre></pre > form: < table summary = " this table records the inventory records from 2012 to 2013, including u disk and earphone inventory" > < caption > inventory records from 2012 to 2013 < /caption > </table> Summary:

OpenCV+Python for Face Recognition 2019-04-01
Reference: 1、 2、 Haar-like Haar

Some Ideas (Original) on &amp;quot; OpenCV Tutorial Foundation&amp;quot; Written by Shi Qi 2019-04-01
This article has moved to [ OpenCV Learning ] for some thoughts on " OpenCV Tutorial Foundation" written by Shi Qi.  

Summary of Face Recognition Project 2019-04-01
Preface This blog is about how to build a face recognition system step by step on the premise of recording the existing face recognition algorithms. You don't need to look down to find face recognition algorithms. As a graduate student, he did a semi-finished face recognition demonstration project in two years and suddenly wanted to write something to show himself later.Maybe I will laugh at the bad code written now

ThreadPoolExecutor for java thread pool 2019-04-01
Preface thread pool can improve the concurrent performance of the program (under appropriate circumstances of course), because for the case of no thread, we create a new thread every time we submit a task, this method has many defects: 1. The overhead of creating and destroying threads is very high. Creating threads takes time, delays the execution of tasks, and consumes a lot of system resources. 2. Active threads will consume system resources, while a large number of idle threads will occupy a lot of memory, bringing great pressure to the garbage collector, while a large number of threads will also generate gas performance overhead when competing for CPU resources.

Verification and Security Issues in Web Front-End and Back-End Separation Development 2019-04-01
login authentication and security issues: 1. The request interface is all in post mode, and whether the request mode is post is judged at the back end. 2, login password and other sensitive information shall be encrypted and transmitted, for example, RSA (public and private key generation tool downloadable in Alipay) shall be used, the public key of the client shall be encrypted, and it shall be decrypted with the

java interview summary (3)-java web 2019-04-01
1, Tomcat's Optimization Experience 1. Memory Optimization-Xms 2. increase the number of threads maxThreads="150 " 3. Fix the Chinese encoding in server.xml 4. BIO to NIO 2, the difference between GET and POST methods for HTTP requests Answer: 1. URL addresses have different lengths and GET supports fewer characters 2. GET password is clear text, security issues, vulnerable to hacker attacks 3. GET only transfers text and does not support