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JavaEE interview questions collection 2019-04-01
Java EE platform is built on Java SE platform. Java EE platform provides a set of API and running environment to develop and run large-scale, multi-layer, extensible, reliable and secure network applications.There will be continuous collection and updating of JavaEE-based interview questions, 84 of which have been collected so far. 1. What are the common events in JavaScript? Onsubmit:提交 O

Oracle Exception Summary 2019-04-01
For continuous updates, please refer to the pages on ORA-00000 to ORA-00877 ORA-00000: Normal Successful Completion (Operation) ORA-00000: normal, successful completion Cause 1: Normal execution completed.[ Partial Verification ] Normal exit. Analysis: Most of the exceptions are that the program did not execute the SQL statement or successfully executed the SQL statement. However, due to human or logic errors, it is necessary to use relevant methods and programs to obtain Oracle's error information and obtain the exception.

SVM Parameter Setting and Significance of Various Parameters 2019-04-01
parameters: [ 5x1double ] % structural variables, which in turn hold parameters such as-s-t-d-g-r, etc. NR _ class: number of 4% classifications totalsv: 39% total number of support vectors rho: [6x1 double] %b=-model.rho Label: [4x1 double] ProbA: [] ProbB: [] NSV: [ 4x1double ] % Number of support vectors per class sv_coef: [39x3 double] % Coefficients of Support Vector SVs: [39x12 double] % specific support vector, stored as sparse matrix

eclipse installation and Chinese localization, as well as configuration 2019-04-01
Download eclipse from the official website -Select " Eclipse IDE for Java Developers" to determine whether it is 64bit or 32 bit or the recommended version directly Install after download, customize installation directory 注意,安装时提示没有java环境,请下载sun(Oracle)的jdk

freemarker Label Learning Complete Tutorial, Very Comprehensive ~ 2019-04-01
Recently, I was learning freemarker to make web pages static, so I searched the following related knowledge ~~~copy from: The following contents are all collected online: FreeMarker's template file is not much more complicated than HTML pages. FreeMarker template file mainly consists of the following four parts: 1, text: direct output part 2, comments: < #-...-> format part, not output 3. Interpolation: the parts in $ { ... }

javaEE Basics 2019-04-01
What is servlet servlet is actually a java class, but it inherits the httpServlet class. servlet's main function is to accept page parameters and then call business logic, which you can understand as a transit point. servlet Runs on Server servlet Lifecycle init (): initialization phase, executed only once service (): Response to Customer Request Phase destroy (): destruction phase servlet Working Principle When the user sends a request to the server, the service () method will be called to respond to the request.

javaEE specification and SSH three frameworks exactly have what relation 2019-04-01
1994-2000 is the great sailing age of the Internet. Please note that the following points in time are very important. In 1994, Netscape released version 0.9 of Navigator browser.This is the first mature web browser in history, causing a sensation.However, this version of the browser can only be used for browsing and does not have the ability to interact with visitors.Netscape is in urgent need of a web script language that enables browsers to interact with web pages.

libfacedetection (ii): human eye detection based on libface 2019-04-01
On the basis of libface, the human eye detector provided by opencv is added. Please refer to the specific code for the specific process: /* The MIT License (MIT) Copyright (c) 2015-2017 Shiqi Yu [email protected] Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to

libfacedetetion Face Detection (for your own viewing) 2019-04-01
Camera-based // libfacedec.cpp : 定义控制台应用程序的入口点。 // #include "stdafx.h" #include "stdafx.h" #include <opencv.hpp>//加载OPENCV库所需的头文件 #include <facede

libsvm code reading: analysis on svm_train function 2019-04-01
Update: 2014-2-27 LINJM @ HQU " Libsvm Column Address:" In svm, training is a very important step. Let's look at the train part of svm. In svm_train of libsvm, there are two parts: regression and classification. I will only introduce the classification. classification steps are as follows: Count the total number of categories, record the labels of categories at the same time, and count the number of samples of