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Summary of Ajax Technology Implemented by Microsoft.XMLHTTP/XMLHttpRequest Object 2019-03-30
1. Methods to Realize Ajax Ajax can be realized through Microsoft.XMLHTTP/XMLHttpRequest objects, jQuery, Msxml2.XMLHTTP objects, and itself provides support for Ajax (see: Toolbar -Ajax Extension). This article only discusses the first one and uses to write it. 2. Summary of Ajax Implementation 1.JavaScript is sensitive to case. When you encounter problems, please check the code, especially the attributes and methods of Microsoft.XMLHTTP/XMLHttpRequest objects. The uppercase is uppercase and

TensorFlow How to Get Tags by File Name/Folder Name and Join Queue 2019-03-30
cifar-10 tutorial given by Tensor Flow's official website is a good example of the introduction of convolutional neural networks. Sometimes I want to run my own data directly with this model, only to find that his data type is not common. Generally, the data (pictures) we obtain are stored in file folders, or the categories are indicated directly on the file names. At this time, labels must be obtained through

TensorFlow Implementation of Classic Deep Learning Classification Network (2)-RESNET Series 2019-03-30
Continue to occupy pit, see code for details

There is no need to inject DLL remotely, and a few lines of code can fully open War3 Warcraft Map. 2019-03-30
I fell in love with programming completely after I learned to learn Warcraft map making in primary school. WE (Warcraft map editor) has been with me since I learned the first scripting language (Jass) and it has made me grow up so much.Now war3 is also in decline.My friend asked me to make a full-open gadget.I tried it, and it worked. Most of the online methods to fully open the map are to modify the memory directly, if you have learned mapping.

What is Database Connection Pool?What is its working principle? 2019-03-30
Connection Pool is a buffer pool technology used to create and manage database connections. Connections in the buffer pool can be used by any thread that needs them.When a thread needs to operate on a database with JDBC, it will request a connection from the pool.When this connection is used up, it will be returned to the connection pool, waiting to serve other threads. Connection Pool has the following three main advantages.

[ Keras ] Use data generators to Solve the Memory Problem of Training Data 2019-03-30
original address: adetailed example of how to use datagenerators withkeras Introduction When using kears to train the model, all training data will be loaded into memory and then fed to the network. However, this method is no longer available when memory is limited and the amount of data is too large.This blog will introduce how to generate real-time data on multi-core (multi-thread) and immediately send it to the model for

[ Target Detection Algorithm ] Faster RCNN Code Record (keras Version) 2019-03-30
parameters: num _ rois: roipooling layer analysis # number of ROIs at once # 训练classifer的回归框 # 经过rpn后输出的不止一个矩形框,所以这里我们是对多个ROI进行Pooling """

[ U-Net ] Detailed Explanation of U-NET for Semantic Segmentation 2019-03-30
1. Introduction Semantic Segmentation is an important branch of image processing and machine vision.Different from the classification task, semantic segmentation needs to judge the category of each pixel of the image and carry out accurate segmentation.Semantic segmentation is widely used in the fields of automatic driving and automatic matting. Split Network Status Quo;After ResNet, the performance of classification tasks using depth learning has exceeded that of human beings, but the

fastercnn run steps 2019-03-30
Caffe Framework Environment Construction ============ Ubuntu14.04 + GPU + CUDA + cuDNN + OpenCV CUDA (Computer Unified Device Architecture) is an integration technology introduced by NVIDIA. Category of graphics card1) NVIDIA2) AMD CPU and GPU differences: CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the central processing unit GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is the graphics processor. gpgpgpu stands for General Purpose

keras Chinese Document Note 9-About keras Layer 2019-03-30
Overview All Keras layer objects have the following methods: layer.get_weights (): returns the weight of the layer (numpy array) layer.set_weights(weights): load weights into the layer from numpy array, requiring the shape of numpy array to be the same as that of layer.get_weights () layer.get_config (): returns a dictionary of configuration information for the current layer, which can also be used to reconstruct the layer. layer = Dense(32) config = layer.get_config()