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OpenPose Installation 2019-05-15
I saw the introduction of OpenPose on the Internet and felt it was a good thing, although the current hardware does not meet its requirements and cannot be verified.However, this time the installation process was translated for later use. OpenPose installation: Operating System Support Ubuntu 14 and 16. Windows 8 and 10. Nvidia Jetson TX2 ,Installation Guide See doc/ .

Python (8) Function 2019-05-15
abs() #可以 s=-20 print(s) print(abs(s)) >>> 20 #不可以 s=-20 print(s) abs(s) print(s) cmp(x,y) comparison function cmp(x, y) requires two parameters,If x is less than y, then -1 is returned.If x==y, the return value is 0If x>y, the return value is 1 int() Python's built-in common functions also include data type conversion functions, such as the int () function, which can convert other data types to

c Language Manually Implements Reverse of Reversed Linked List 2019-05-15
This topic requires the realization of a function that reverses a given single linked list.Function interface definition: List Reverse( List L ); where the List structure is defined as follows: typedef struct Node *PtrToNode; struct Node { ElementType Data; /* 存储结点数据 */ PtrToNode Next; /* 指向下一个结点的指针 */ }; typedef PtrToNode List; /* 定义单链

java operator precedence mnemonic formula 2019-05-15
单目乘除为关系,逻辑三目后赋值。 单目:单目运算符+ –(负数) ++ -- 等 乘除:算数单目运算符* / % + - 为:位移单目运算符<< >> 关系:关

jquery Counts Down 60 Seconds to Send Mail 2019-05-15
<script type="text/javascript"> var i = 120; $('#btn').click(function(){ var url = "{{url('send')}}"; var email = $('#empty').val(); /* alert(email); alert(url);*/ if (email=='') { alert('请填写邮箱'); }; $.get(url,{'email':email},function(msg) { //alert(msg); if (msg==0) { function wait() { if (i > 0) { i--; $('#btn').attr("disabled", true); $('#btn').val("重

js, jq Sending Short Message Countdown 2019-05-15
js: < inputtype = "button" id = "btn" value = "get verification code for free"/> <script type="text/ javascript"> var wait=60; function time(o) { if (wait == 0) { o.removeAttribute("disabled"); o.value="免费获取验证码"; wait = 60; } else { // o.setAttribute("disabled", true); o.value="重新

scikit-learn chinese document-model evaluation-unsupervised learning | apachcn 2019-05-15
chinese document: http://sklearn.Apache _ evaluation.html english document: http://sklearn.Apache _ evaluation.html Official Document: github:, we have been working hard) Contributor: Contributor About Us: 3.3. Model Evaluation: Quantifying the Quality of Forecast There are 3 different API to evaluate the quality of model predictions:

sklearn learning notes (1)-data preprocessing sklearn.preprocessing 2019-05-15
data preprocessing sklearn.preprocessing Standardization Normalization binarization classification feature coding Presumption of missing data generator polynomial characteristics Custom Converter 1. Standardization (here refers to removing the normalization of mean and variance)Standardization is an important step for many data analysis problems, and it is also a necessary step for many data processing using machine learning algorithms. 1.1 z-score standardizationZ-score standardization refers to transforming data into Gaussian distribution with a mean of 0

vmware worstation Exit Simple Installation Steps 2019-05-15
When installing redhat recently, it was found that vmware always prompts for easy installation, so it cannot choose its own language, and many installation package library files will not be installed. For developers, sometimes they need to install some applications or use some services later and will encounter the problem of relying on packages.However, if you follow the prompt package, you will find that there are many other dependent packages that need to be installed, so in order to prevent this phenomenon, you will remove the simple installation.

【Scikit-Learn Chinese Document] 28 Cross Validation-Model Selection and Evaluation-User Guide | ApacheCN 2019-05-15
chinese document: http://sklearn.Apache _ validation.html english document: http://sklearn.Apache _ validation.html Official Document: github:, we have been working hard) Contributor: Contributor About Us: Note: This document is being translated...