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one-class svm_predict returns 0 or a workaround that cannot be run (successful) 2019-04-02
在使用svm中遇到的问题与解决,首先下面的代码是没有实现的(但逻辑是没有问题的,只是svm_predict不支持核2,3,4) String path = Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory().toString()+ File.separator + fileDir;

python Batch Processing Files 2019-04-02
background batch processing of files, arranging the contents of each file with the same structure into one file, and each file is on one line of the new file. Read is read by row Code Presentation import os def eachFile(filepath): """ 读取文件夹下面的所有文件 的路径""" pathDir = os.listdir(filepath) file_path_list = list() for allDir in pathDir: child

python list, dictionary, set derivation 2019-04-02
List Derivation list = [1, 3, 7, 9, -3, "123"] l = [i for i in list] print("打印结果:%s" % l, '\n', "数据类型:%s" % type(l)) dictionary derivation dict = [1, 4, 3, 8, 2, 'oo'] d = {key: value for key, value in enumerate(dict)} print

python's sys.argv 2019-04-02
" argv" is a short form of " argument variable" parameter variable, which is usually passed to the program by the system when the command line is called.This variable is actually a List list, argv[0] is generally the script file name or full path to be called, and is related to the operating system.The sys.argv variable is a list of strings.In particular, sys.argv contains a list of command line arguments, that is, arguments passed to your program using the command line.

sys.argv command line arguments 2019-04-02
sys.argv command line arguments Several command line parameters can be specified when the operating system commands the program to run. ------ c:\ para1 para2 argv[0] c:\ argv[1] para1 argv[2] para2 ------------

2, Ajax and Java interact through POST 2019-04-02
1. Steps for Ajax Interaction 1.1 Get xmlhttprequest 1.2 Set onreadystatechange Response Event for xmlhttprequest 1.3 Prepare to get ajax request (" POST", " AJAX ServerLet", true); 1.4 Set the message header as a form and submit XMLHttp.setRequestHeader (" Content-Type", " Application/X-WWW-Form-UrlenCoded") imitating the POSt of the form; 1.5 Send ajax request XMLHttp.send (" Age = 18 & NAME = Zhang");//Ajax POST request, parameters are carried through xmlhttp.send ()

BP Network-Detection with 2001PKU MCM B Gene 2019-04-02
In order to test the written BP network, I found out the antique test data, Question B of PKU Mathematical Modeling Contest in 2001. See ( for detailed topic data. At first, it was not successful. The total number did not converge. After changing some parameters, it was found that the number of neurons in the hidden layer needed to be very small. It felt a bit like reduction. It

Form Submission-form Submission and ajax Submission 2019-04-02
1, usage scenario: Security is the same, it is the http protocol sent.Security is related to the business processing (format detection, injection prevention) of submitted documents, but not to the submission method. In general, login is submitted by form. Click submit to trigger submit event, which will cause page jump. The control of page jump and other behaviors is usually at the back end, which controls page jump and data

How to Design Complex Multitasking Programs 2019-04-02
How to Design Complex Multitasking ProgramsAt the beginning stage, we are generally faced with a single simple task in design. The flow chart can be shown in Figure 1. Usually, step cycle delay is used to meet the needs of the task.In the face of multitasking and slightly complicated programming, following the idea of Figure 1, we will make the program shown in Figure 2. We will add tasks continuously in the large loop body, usually with delay to meet the beat of specific tasks.

How to Write Batches in python 2019-04-02
bat cannot be used to write batch processing. bat command is too complex. What should I do?Python can be used instead of bat write batch processing 1. Why Batch Processing Is Required I have a video band fusion console applet Fusion.exe on hand, which needs to open cmd and then input in cmd 融合程序路径 影像宽度w 影像高度h 波