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Fingerprint Identification and Login under Android 2019-04-05
1. Overview Fingerprint recognition under Android is a function added after Android6.0. Therefore, it is necessary to judge whether the user machine supports it or not during implementation. Then for development, there are two usage scenarios, namely, local recognition and interaction with the server. 1. Local identification: after the fingerprint identification is completed locally, bind with local information and log in; 2. Background interaction: after the identification is completed locally,

Flume Learning Notes+Practice 2019-04-05
# Download flume from ############################################# # Overview: Flume is a highly available, highly reliable and distributed software for massive log collection, aggregation and transmission provided by Cloudera. # The core of Flume is to collect the data from the source and sink it to the designated destination.In order to ensure that the conveying process is certain # Successful, cache the data (channel) before sending it to the destination (sink), and delete the data from after the data actually reaches the destination (sink)

Java Learning Notebook 3-Java Common Error Information 2019-04-05
Java常见错误信息及解决方法 编译错误 Windows系统下常见编译错误 'javac' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. 此提示信息表示Windows系统找不到编

Neighbor Analysis--KNN 2019-04-05
data prediction is based on the analysis of historical data, through the learner to summarize and refine the laws contained therein, and to embody this law in the prediction model.The variables involved in modeling are mainly divided into two types: Input variables (explanatory variables, characteristic variables, generally marked as X, there can be multiple) Output Variable (Interpreted Variable, Y, Usually Only One) prediction models are divided into two types:

Python [ TKIT ] Learning Notes 2019-04-05
Tkinter componentDocument Address: provides various controls, such as buttons, labels and text boxes, for use in a GUI application.These controls are often referred to as controls or components. There are currently 15 Tkinter components.We present these components and a brief introduction in the following table: 控件描述Button按钮控件;在程序中显示按钮。

Query of Several Table Relationships in Django 2019-04-05
1-to-1, 1-to-many, many-to-many distinction: one-to-one: a child table selects one piece of data from the parent table and one piece is less than one piece from the parent table. the child table cannot select the selected piece of data from the parent table again One-to-many: the child table selects one data from the parent table to correspond to one another, but this data from the parent table can also be

SVM Code Interpretation Based on pyhton3.6-Machine Learning Actual Combat-Support Vector Machine 2019-04-05
I am a graduate student of mathematics department. I first came into contact with python and machine learning at the end of 2017. As a novice, welcome to communicate with you. I mainly explain the code to you, and the theoretical part recommends 3 books to you: " Machine Learning Actual Combat Chinese Version" " Machine Learning" Zhi-Hua Zhou " Statistical Learning Methods" Li Hang Of the above three books,

Several common sorting algorithms (fast sorting, Shell's Sort, heapsort, selective sorting, Bubble Sort) 2019-04-05
1, Merge sortBasic Principle: Merge sort is also called Merge sort. Its algorithm idea is to divide the sequence to be sorted into two parts. Merge sort is used for the two parts in turn, and then the two parts are merged.The operation steps are as follows.(1) The sequence to be sorted is divided into left and right parts. If the initial element subscript of the sequence to be sorted is first and the subscript of the last element is Last, then the critical point subscript mid=(first+last)/2 between the left and right parts is A [First .

Some Speech Recognition Concepts 2019-04-05 ■ Large vocabulary, speaker independent robust recognition function The recognition system can recognize many languages with large vocabularies. In the aspect of Chinese recognition, the dictionary and text analysis technology used by Xunfei TTS engine are used, which can segment the grammatical content and ensure the recognition effect of Heteronym (linguistics). ■ End Pointer & & Barge-in Endpoint detection is a process of determining the start and end of a sentence for an input audio stream.

Understanding of Audio Concept 2019-04-05
Introduction When developing audio, some professional terms of audio are often involved.At first glance, it seemed to be understandable, but during the development process, there were many parameters that I didn't know why. Let's take a good look at what they mean. Important Parameters sampling frequency: the number of data collected per second Number of sampling bits: the number of bits of data collected each time speech coding (format): speech