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kNN Algorithm and Example (1) 2019-04-05
kNN algorithm is also called K-Nearest Neighbor classification algorithm.Simple classification means that the data to be classified are the same as which classified data, then they belong to the same category, but in reality most of the data cannot be exactly the same. If this method is used, the data to be classified may not find the same classified data. KNN algorithm finds the K records that are closest to

opencv KNN model cannot be saved 2019-04-05
Part of Online Documents Learned by Opencv Machine We know that these machine learning methods K-Nearest Neighbors and others are all inherited from the base class CvStatModel, in which there are methods such as save and load.Http:// e6% 9c % ba % E5% 99% A8% E5% ad % a6% E4% b9% A0% E4% b8% ad % E6% 96% 87% E5% 8f % 82% e8% 80% 83% E6% 89% 8b % E5% 86% 8c # cvstatmodel explains in Chinese that the save, load method calls the write and read methods.

(3) Speech Recognition Overview 2019-04-05
Speech Recognition Step 3: Understand the Background of Speech Recognition 1. History of Speech Recognition As the leading direction of intelligent computer research and the key technology of man-machine voice communication, voice recognition technology has been widely concerned by scientific circles in various countries.The products developed by voice recognition have a wide range of applications, including voice-controlled telephone exchange, voice dial system, information network inquiry, home service, hotel service, travel service system, booking system, voice-controlled intelligent toy, medical service, banking service, stock inquiry service, computer control, industrial control, voice communication system, military monitoring, information retrieval, emergency service, translation system, etc.

(Computer Network) JAVA Implementation of Slotted ALOHA Simulation Experiment 2019-04-05
The protocol used to determine the next user on the multi-access channel belongs to a sublayer of the data link layer, called Medium Access Control (MAC) sublayer. Many local area networks use the multi-access channel as their communication basis.The simplest Channel allocation schemes are FDM (which assigns a frequency to each station) and TDM (which assigns a time slot to each station). When the number of stations is relatively large

28 of Linux Operation and Maintenance Learning Notes: Shell Advanced Programming 2019-04-05
Chapter 39 Shell Advanced Programming 1. Shell Function 1, syntax format (1) simple syntax fun_name(){ instruction... return n } (2) Standardized Grammar function fun_name(){ instruction... return n } 2, function execution (1) Method 1: Directly Execute Function Name a, format fun_name b, precautions (i) Do not bring bracket. (ii) The function definition and function body must precede the name of the function to be executed, because the shell is executed

Batch Script Learning Notes-Programmer Version 2019-04-05
batch script learning notes Original works are allowed to be reprinted. Please indicate the original source, author information and this statement in hyperlink form when reprinting.Otherwise, legal responsibility will be investigated. Note: This document is published under LGPL LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE的.This document treats batch processing as a programming language, organizing content by elements of the programming language.The

Briefly explain the working process of slotted ALOHA algorithm in RFID system 2019-04-05
ALOHA algorithm is a random access method. The basic idea is to take the way that the tag speaks first. When the tag enters the identification area of the reader-writer, it will automatically send its own id number to the reader-writer transmitter. In the process of sending data to the tag, if other tags are also sending data, the signals will overlap, resulting in conflicts.The reader-writer detects whether there is any conflict in the received signals.

Computer Network Experiment-Reliable Data Transfer Protocol-Design and Implementation of-GBN Protocol 2019-04-05
This week has done a computer network experiment, named the Design and Implementation of Reliable Data Transfer Protocol-GBN Protocol I feel that I have done it seriously and achieved good results. I will record my own process and results. for this experiment, the experimental requirements say that the implementation of SR protocol is a bonus, and SR protocol is based on GBN protocol, so I directly put it in place

Computer Network-Media Access Control Sublayer 2019-04-05
the medium access control sublayer-a sublayer of the data link layer Function: Determines how channels are allocated. 1.Wired MAC protocol (multiple access control multiple access control, Medium access control medium access control) 1. pure ALOHA and slotted ALOHA Derivation of Peak Value of Throughput S per Frame. 1) Pure ALOHA System basic idea: transmit data when users have data to send.After each station sends a frame to the central computer, the computer rebroadcasts the frame to all stations, and the sending station can listen to the broadcast from the hub to determine whether its frame was successfully sent.

Design Mode Learning Note 15 (Command Command Mode) 2019-04-05
Motivation: In the process of software construction, " behavior requester" and " behavior implementer" usually present a " tight coupling".However, in some situations, such as the need to " record, undo/redo (undo/redo), transaction" and so on, this tight coupling that cannot resist changes is inappropriate.In this case, how to decouple the " behavior requester" from the " behavior implementer"?Abstracting a group of behaviors as objects can realize loose coupling between them.