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reshape Function-Differences between reshape Functions of Matlab and opencv 2019-04-06
opencv: m: 1 2 3 4 m.reshape(0, 1): 1 2 3 4 m.reshape(0, 4): 1 2 3 4 请按任意键继续. . . Matlab: It can be seen that OPENCV is row first and matlab is column first. on this small issue, let me n long training are all misplaced!!!!

C# Several Common Algorithms 2019-04-05
1. Find the value of the following expression and write down one or more implementations you think of: 1-2+3-4+…+m static int F1(int m) { int sum =0; bool flag =true; for (int i = 1; i <= m; i++) { if (flag) //一次是默认是True,下下也为T

GitHub Learning Notes (2) Upload to Warehouse 2019-04-05
1. Register on GitHub; Second, Baidu Git and download; Three, to operate the file Then right click on the folder interface to be uploaded locally and click git bash here. after clicking, git bash will pop up automatically, and then the folder can be operated by inputting commands into git bash; 4. Building a warehouse on GitHub; Five, to connect: 1. input git init: initialize this folder as a git warehouse;

R Machine Learning One: kNN Algorithm Case 2019-04-05
kNN algorithm Advantages: It is highly unbiased and does not require any assumptions about the data.Simple, effective and easy to implement Disadvantages: Since there is no abstract process involved, kNN has not actually created a model and the prediction time is long. case study: detection of prostate cancer Step 1 : 100 observation 10 variables, including 8 numerical variables, a category variable, an ID: 1,Radi

ROS Basic Learning Notes (1) 2019-04-05
初始化空间信息: 1.首先需要创建工作空间,比如catkin_ws,我们一般将package包放在src文件夹下面,一般创建空间以后是没有其余

SVM Learning Summary (1) How to Learn SVM 2019-04-05
1. Preface I have been studying SVM algorithm for a long time. I always thought it was a very simple algorithm, but I didn't think it was very difficult when I was studying it. I am still not familiar with convex optimization. I have to strengthen it in the future. I will mainly talk about the learning ideas of SVM algorithm (for small white beginners). 2. Learning Methods Through the comparative study of various materials, I personally think that using chapter 7 of Li Hang's "

SVM explanation and code 2019-04-05
Support Vector Machine is commonly referred to as SVM because its English name is SupportVectorMachine. Generally speaking, it is a two-class classification model. Its basic model is defined as the linear classifier with the largest interval in the feature space. Its learning strategy is interval maximization, which can be converted into the solution of a convex quadratic programming problem. Two Main Contents: 1. How did the original formula come from

jQuery determines which li is currently clicked 2019-04-05
Use $(this).index () to get the subscript of li. The following is an example of style substitution: $("#aa li").click(function(){ $("#aa li").removeClass("class名字,多个class用空格分开");$(this).a

kNN Algorithm and Example (1) 2019-04-05
kNN algorithm is also called K-Nearest Neighbor classification algorithm.Simple classification means that the data to be classified are the same as which classified data, then they belong to the same category, but in reality most of the data cannot be exactly the same. If this method is used, the data to be classified may not find the same classified data. KNN algorithm finds the K records that are closest to

opencv KNN model cannot be saved 2019-04-05
Part of Online Documents Learned by Opencv Machine We know that these machine learning methods K-Nearest Neighbors and others are all inherited from the base class CvStatModel, in which there are methods such as save and load.Http:// e6% 9c % ba % E5% 99% A8% E5% ad % a6% E4% b9% A0% E4% b8% ad % E6% 96% 87% E5% 8f % 82% e8% 80% 83% E6% 89% 8b % E5% 86% 8c # cvstatmodel explains in Chinese that the save, load method calls the write and read methods.