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javassist for Java Dynamic Programming 2019-04-09
Overview Javassist is a bytecode editing tool that can directly edit and generate Java-generated bytecodes to achieve the effect of dynamically modifying. class files.Proficient use of this set of tools can make Java programming closer to dynamic language programming. tutorial maven dependency pom.xml <dependency> <groupId>org.javassist</groupId> <artifactId>javassist</artifactId> <version>3.20.0-GA</version> </dependency> API explanation 1, create a new Class ClassPool pool = ClassPool.getDefault(); //定义类 CtClass stuClass = pool.makeClass("com.ricky.Student"); Of course,

reading notes, statistical trap 2019-04-09
biased samples in chapter 1 The desired data will be obtained mainly through biased samples. In this paper, the salary of Yale graduates is taken as an example to illustrate this problem, but no samples are given when statistical conclusions are given. Through reasonable speculation, we can know that such samples are biased. For example, the people who can contact are generally not poor, and those who are willing to tell others their salary are not poor.

4 How should I choose to move bricks and hug you? 2019-04-08
"I don't wear a gold hoop, can't save her, wearing a gold hoop, can't love her.Ten thousand years is too long, seize every minute and walk all the way, only to find that nothing is immortal.We finally understand that once those who were one step away from us, once they missed it, even if they became The Greatest Hero In The World, dressed in golden clothes and armor, and stepped on colorful auspicious clouds, they would not necessarily come back.

C Language Trap-Misuse of Pointers 2019-04-08
Introduction In C language learning, the biggest difficulty is to understand and use pointers.Pointers are closely related to memory, so in order to understand the usage of pointers, you must also know the memory layout of the platform system. You can at least distinguish between heap and stack (of course, the stack here is not the stack referred to in the data structure).Pointer is like a double-edged sword. If you

C Language: The Frog Jumped Step Problem 2019-04-08
Topic: (1) A frog can jump up one step or two at a time.Find out how many jumping methods the frog can use to jump up an n-step. analysis: when n = 1, there is only one jump method;When n = 2, there are two jump methods;When n = 3, there are 3 jumping methods;When n = 4, there are 5 jumping methods;When n = 5, there are 8 kinds

C. Birthday 2019-04-08
C. Birthday Cowboy Vlad has a birthday today!There are n children who came to the celebration. In order to greet Vlad, the children decided to form a circle around him. Among the children who came, there are both tall and low, so if they stand in a circle arbitrarily, it may turn out, that there is a tall and low child standing next to each other, and it will be

Github Common Commands 2019-04-08
1. Basic git Command view branch: git branch create branch: git branch <name > switch branch: git checkout <name > create+switch branch: git checkout -b <name > merge a branch to the current branch: git merge <name > delete branch: git branch -d <name > gitadd < ... >//add files gitcommit-m "message"//message explains the information for this change. gitpush originmaster//push onto your github, then pull request can be made.

ImageNet Training Complete Process 2019-04-08
Download Data training set (138G) validation set (6.3G-50000 sheets) train_label.txt validation_label.txt p.s with thunderbolt is quite fast, 3 days Data Decompression tar xvf ILSVRC2012_img_train.tar -C ./train tar xvf ILSVRC2012_img_val.tar -C ./val For train dataset, after decompression, there are 1000 tar files, which need to be decompressed again. The decompression script is as follows dir=/data/srd/data/Image/ImageNet/train for x in `ls $dir/*tar` do filename=`basename $x .tar` mkdir $dir/$filename tar -xvf $x -C $dir/$filename done rm *.

Python Implements Fibonacci number and Step Jump Variants 2019-04-08
This article records Fibonacci number's Python implementation: recursion and loop solutions, as well as some useful topics. Python Implementation recursion according to the traditional recursive way, concise and elegant.But it is written out as an algorithm of o (N2) o (n 2) o (N2) def fibo(n): """肥波那契函数""" if n < 3: return 1 else: return fibo(n-1) + fibo(n-2) O(n)O(n)O(n)

TensorFlow Learning (8)-Use of Dropout 2019-04-08
import tensorflow as tf from tensorflow.examples.tutorials.mnist import input_data # 第一步、载入训练数据 mnist = input_data.read_data_sets(train_dir="../MNIST_data", one_hot=True) # 设置批次大小 batch_size = 10 # 可以优化的地方,修改批次的数量 # 计算一共有多少个批次 n_batch = mnist.train.num_examples # 第二步、定义