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API Interface Security Design 2019-05-27
interface security is mainly deSigned around Token, Timestamp and sign to ensure that the data of the interface will not be tampered with and repeatedly called. see below for details: Token authorization mechanism: the server returns a Token (usually UUID) to the client after the user logs in with the user name and password, and stores the Token-UserId in the cache server as a key-value pair.After receiving the request, the server verifies the Token.

BC2.0 Ethereum Applied Technology Exchange 03 (no currency speculation, no pyramid selling) 2019-05-27
I have been busy with my work recently and haven't written for several days.There is still a need to follow up, and there will be no progress without a summary. The Wealth of Others Yol Ethereum ICO (July-August 2014), 1 bitcoin can be exchanged for 1337 ETH.Bitcoin cost about 3,800 yuan at that time, so you can calculate that a ETH was less than 3 yuan at that time.Now the price of a ETH once exceeded 5,000 yuan, that is to say, in a few years, it has achieved an increase of more than 2,000 times.

C language commonly used sorting algorithm (Bubble Sort, selection sorting, insertion sorting, Shell's Sort, fast sorting, heapsort) to achieve comparison 2019-05-27
以下程序在win10 X64位操作系统,使用VS2017运行验证可行 sorting is a very important and common operation, including Bubble Sort, selection sorting, insertion sorting, Shell's Sort, quick sorting, heapsort and other methods. Example 1 Bubble sort 1. Preface: There are n integers in the array, which

Python Build face recognition 2019-05-27
Face recognition is very simple for human beings. If it is for machines, how can a face recognition be constructed? The main steps are as follows: (1) Define label code.In the input training data, labels are expressed in words, but we need numbers to train the system. (2) Extracting ROI attribute values and label encoders from each map. (3) Load the face cascade file. (4) generating a local binary pattern histogram face recognition.

Python Related Artificial Intelligence Library 2019-05-27
Mobile Internet takes the lead in the forefront of the Internet era instead of PC Internet. Android and iOS once became the two overlords of mobile Internet application platforms and became the first two technologies for mobile developers. HTML5 occupies an important position in mobile Internet application platforms with its cross-platform advantages, which can be said to be the home of the latecomers.Due to technical constraints, it is difficult to generate more new applications.

Token verification details 2019-05-27
why use Token authentication:Token-based authentication can be seen everywhere in the Web domain.In most Internet companies that use Web API, tokens are the best way to handle authentication under multi-users.The following features will allow you to use token-based authentication in your program1. Stateless and scalable2. Support mobile devices3. Cross-program calling4. Safety   Token bosses who use token-based authentication Most API and Web applications you have seen use tokens.

centos Builds nginx Picture Server 2019-05-27
Build Nginx Picture Server  1. nginx Installation Environment nginx is developed in C language and is recommended to run on linux. Centos6.5 is used as the installation environment for this tutorial. gcc To install nginx, you need to compile the source code downloaded from the official website. The compilation depends on the gcc environment. If there is no gcc environment, you need to install GCC: Yum Install GCC-C

nginx Set up Picture Server 2019-05-27
1 Introduction Many websites now use a large number of pictures, and pictures are the main amount of data in web page transmission, and are also the main factors affecting website performance.Therefore, many websites will separate the picture storage from the websites. In addition, one or more servers will be constructed to store the pictures and put the pictures into a virtual directory. The pictures on the web pages will all use a URL address to point to the addresses of the pictures on these servers.

shiro Front-End Separation Framework User Login Solution 2019-05-27
Introduction Recently, the company changed a project originally controlled by springmvc+shiro's permission to separate the front end from the back end so that front-end personnel can have more time to do front-end interactive work and improve user experience. But this problem comes. Without separation, shiro's permission was logged in through credentials. Now it needs to be changed to submit login information for front-end ajax to log in, so shiro's login

softboy offline face recognition accuracy 94% can be commercial source code attendance machine source code. 2019-05-27
softboy's off-line recognition is almost a local operation, basically achieving the operation speed of 40fps. It has no effect on the fluency of the camera preview picture, and the recognition result is very fast, basically producing the result in real time. Softboy software products Contact QQ: 77319801 WeChat: solo13760214100   Android Android Offline face recognition attendance machine Software Source APP Original 2018 April 2 21:50:18